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When the founders of Skype were ready for a new challenge, they created Rdio. When Rdio wanted to experiment with a companion app to promote music in novel ways, they turned to Fueled.


Rdio is an existing product with millions of users, and Drop is it's sister product. We worked to create a brand that could stand on its own while still referencing Rdio and its slick, minimalist user interface.

The Final Brand

The final marque directly connects the concepts of location and music, embedding a play button inside of a map pin. The logotype is a clean, bold font that pairs well with the original Rdio marque while still being more than capable of standing alone.

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User Experience

The idea of tying music to a physical location was a brand new concept, something that would require mashing up elements of geolocation and music apps. Our goal was to take concepts users were already familiar with and put them in a new context while still maintaining familiarity.

App Design

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Bringing the branding and UX together, we kept things clean and simple. Subtle gradients and a distinct but limited brand color palette create a sense of approachability, simplicity, and tranquility.


To add an extra special touch, we leveraged MapBox to design and build a custom-designed mapping interface. This is the same technology that powers maps on apps like Foursquare, Evernote, Pinterest, Square, and many others.

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Web Design

App users can share geotagged playlists outside of the app. This means some users on the web may click Drop links. So the companion website to the Drop app displays a limited set of information about what the Drop link contains and directs users to download the app in order to actually play music while also explaining the purpose of the app.

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