Should we be worried about the future of IaC?

Discover how changes from HashiCorp, the company behind Terraform, can change your IaC environment.

Machine Learning OPS (MLOPs) with Apache AirFlow2

Discover how Apache Airflow2 can streamline your Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) workflows, from data ingestion, model training to model deployment, with resilience and scalability.

Exploring Your Neighborhood: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Places Near You

Learn how to find places near you with the Haversine Formula using Go.

Using Private Modules in Go from GitHub

Learn how to connect and use private Go modules in GitHub. We’ll take you through the steps of configuring your Go project to use a private module hosted on GitHub.

Secure Cloud Workspace with VSCode and Tailscale

…Or someone else’s computer Sometimes your development machine is not sufficient for various reasons: For example, you need to build an x86/amd64 Docker image and do not want to pay the cost of QEMU, or it is on a limited internet; for these and other reasons, I created a terraform to bootstrap a development machine with a single command....

Lint all the things with golangci-lint!

Intro If you program in Go, you probably have used the built-in linter, the go vet ./..., this linter is good and catches some common issues, but today we will explore some alternatives, and the chosen one was golangci-lint....

Closure Table

Building a filesystem like a google drive, a threaded comments system, or an employee management system always sounds like a daunting task. The data for these use-cases has recursive relationships....

May 24, 2021 · 6 min · Akash Mishra (@tucosaurus)

Setup Full-Text Search Index in Django

In this tutorial, we will be setting up a pre-computed database index using database triggers to speed-up Postgres Full-Text Search in Django. To avoid the computation of tsvector using SearchVector on the fly, we can pre-compute the result in an indexed column....