Introducing Toppler: The Most Addicting Game for iOS 12


Toppler was created using ARKit 2, SceneKit, and Multipeer Connectivity to bring the most addicting game of suspense and dexterity to iPhone. The blocks stack up to twenty-one rows high, but the stakes are even higher. Download Toppler today, and remember—slow and steady wins the race!

From the masterminds behind Not It (the most fun game for assigning lame tasks), Tipster (the most comprehensive guide to tipping etiquette in every country), and Flite (the sleekest app for emailing yourself reminders, notes, and memos), comes the latest and greatest AR game for iOS.



  • Try out your stacking skills with your friends using one or multiple phones
  • Start a game that stacks 6, 12, 18 or 21 rows high
  • Start a new game in seconds, in the same space or somewhere new
  • Phone movements make stacking blocks feel realistic
  • No clean up necessary

Download Toppler and try your hand at the most addicting game of AR dexterity!


About Us

Attending WWDC 2018 got us really excited about the new level of tech bundled in iOS 12. Most of all, we’re eager to watch shared AR experiences redefine how we interact with the people around us.

As a team of product managers and iOS developers at Fueled, an app design and development agency in New York, we’re always thinking about the possibilities surrounding mobile tech. After hours of WWDC presentations and even more hours playing SwiftShot, we knew we wanted to build a shared AR gaming experience.

After WWDC, our team met to have a few beers, and spend some time playing a group favorite, Jenga. Suddenly, it hit us: wouldn’t it be cool to take a game-night classic like Jenga and bring it into the AR world? We brought our idea back to NYC, and now, after months of development and testing, we can’t stop seeing wooden rectangular blocks everywhere, but Toppler—the ultimate shared AR experience competition of dexterity—is ready for the world.

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