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Fueled has built the Kapture app

Kapture rewards users for sharing their experiences. What started out as casual conversations about app design turned into a full-fledge engagement including branding, app design, and development.
The problem we were solving: adding value to the checkin. How could we give brands control over shares by incentivizing users to participate in a controlled environment, resulting in a win-win for retailers and consumers.


Kapture brought an existing logo to Fueled. With an initial logo and aesthetic--both of which were impressive for a first version--Fueled took what they had, listened to what the founders believed to be the soul of the brand, and massaged it into what you see today.

The multi-colored tabs convey energy and excitement while also hinting at the various deals and coupons that users can earn.

Step 1 in the branding process for Kapture
Step 2 in the branding process for Kapture
Step 3 in the branding process for Kapture
Step 4 in the branding process for Kapture
Step 5 in the branding process for Kapture

Final Brand

For their company logo, we paired a custom font with the eye-catching shutter iconography we created.


Bringing it together

An app that exists to encourage users to share content must earn the trust of everyone who opens it. Design is a big part of earning that trust. We also wanted to make sure the incentivized sharing didn't come up as a sort of cheap bribe.

The clean, balanced experience we created conveys authority, trustworthiness, and quality. Users found an app that was both inviting and simple to use.

Incentivized Sharing

Kapture picks up where Foursquare left off. Tieing discounts to checkins is great, but the businesses don't get much benefit from an individual check-in. Kapture enables businesses to identify what they want users to share, then requires them to take the prescribed action to earn a reward. Kapture even has a proprietary system to vet each share to ensure it meets the requirements set by the business. The result? High-quality, widely shared checkins that truly promote a brand.

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Revolutionizing The Checkin

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