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Weather News is one of the all-time top apps in Japan, with millions of paid subscribers. When the time came to launch a western-friendly version, they tapped Fueled to reimagine their concept for North American and European markets.

Sunnycomb utilizes user-generated weather reports and photos to create a unique real-time global weather report.


The Fueled team began with an exploration process, iterating upon the company’s existing Weather News brand. We drew inspiration from meteorological elements and the notion of a connected but disparate user base.

The Final Brand

The final mark embodies our vision through the use of sunny, bright colors and concentric geometric elements that speak to the way Sunnycomb leverages technology, enabling users to connect with the weather around them on a grand scale.

User Experience

The purpose of the app is to connect people to their local and worldly weather via user generated photography. Polygons can be seen in many natural wonders of the world, so it seemed fitting to utilize the shape within the brand and app interface. It helped us create a deep nesting, strong interconnectivity between elements.

There are seven billion people in the world but we all share one sky

App Design

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The app utilizes intelligent location services to pair user's photographs of the sky with their current global position, then applies it to a grid. The user generated images form the base of a collage of colors displayed on a map. Other data is tracked such as temperature, wind speed and the user's happiness on the day.

Create and share

Once photos are submitted to the Sunnycomb database, the user can opt to share those photos with their local or global community, send the image to a friend or apply different emotions based on keywords related to the day.

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See the world 1

Chugach National ForestToday, 2:16am

See the world 2

WashingtonToday, 3:13am

See the world 3

BostonToday, 6:14am

See the world 4

CaracasToday, 6:45am

See the world 5

BrasiliaToday, 8:15am

See the world

Sunnycomb makes weather social and human. Crowd sourced photography and mood data lets users not only check temperature and rain forecasts for faraway places, it actually allows insight into the moods, feelings, and daily life patterns of people spread all across the world in real time.

How’s the weather?

We handcrafted a full icon family to work with the custom app interface. The icons had to clearly communicate all types of weather from common and calm to extreme and interchangeable.