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3. TED
 9. 10,500+ COOL FACTS 
You have more free time than you think: on the train going downtown, in that endlessly long lunch line, waiting for your always-late friends. Sounding familiar? These moments seem to happen almost every day. Since you are most likely using your phone during these interludes from reality, wouldn’t it be better for your brain to be doing something rather than kill pigs with angry birds? You could be utilizing your phone, and your time, better! If fun is the missing piece in your life, you won't be disappointed with sites such as daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya.

Lumosity Brain Trainer

Preview of Lumosity app

Their TV commercial features people describing how Luminosity enhances their smarts just by playing games. The app addresses a range of options for brain-boosting: flexibility, avoiding distractions, increasing work productivity, and being able to multitask better. Lumosity is based on the principle of neuroplasticity, meaning your brain is a dynamic organ that can be trained at any stage in one's life. It’s a dynamic organ that changes throughout our developmental stages. While pumping up your cranium, the app keeps track of your progress and displays your improvement; that in itself makes the app pretty motivating. You can also have the app remind you on certain days at certain times to do your brain training. Just in case you, umm, forget.

➤ Lumosity Brain Trainer


Preview of Brilliant app

Public enemy #1 and #2: Math and science. Sure these subjects were the bane of our existence throughout school, but Brilliant is here to save the day. Brilliant brings math and science to life through a library of fun and educational courses. Work through courses covering a wealth of topics and finish strong with quizzes to hone in on what you learned. Become a better problem solver or learn more about how the world works on your own time. Whether you’re a college kid looking for some additional help or a mathematician looking to stay refreshed, Brilliant has something for everyone. 

➤ Brilliant


Preview of TED app

For those of you cheering the addition of TEDTalks to Netflix, there is an app to give you greater (and freer!) access to the beloved talks by those remarkable people. For those of you unfamiliar with TEDTalks, it’s a video series of lectures given by fascinating people who are major movers and shakers in their respective fields. The presenters include young entrepreneurs, scientists, CEOs, artists of all sorts, teachers, and plenty of doctorates. Watching these videos is a great passive way to increase your span of knowledge in an engaging and congenial way. TEDTalks are great not only because of the wide range of topics covered but because the speakers present the content interestingly visually as well as in the structure of the presentation itself, they go way beyond your basic lectures at colleges or conferences. Beyond the presentations themselves, the palpable passion from the speakers is one of the main reasons you actually absorb what they're saying while simultaneously enjoying yourself.



Preview of Duolingo

Learning a second language is a great way to build up your brain. In today’s increasingly globalized world, it is also a growing necessity (much of the civilized world speaks two languages or more -- except America. How uncivilized!). Duolingo allows you to learn a second language for free (much cheaper than alternatives like Rosetta Stone), no classes necessary. The integration of fun is what makes this app so successful. You level up by giving consecutive correct answers which earns you points that put you ahead of friends, adding some friendly competition to the mix. Pictures and audio accompany the vocabulary memorization exercises to make learning easier and the sentence translation exercises are facilitated by a bank of word options. You'll be speaking like a native in no time.


Western Philosophers

Preview of Western Philosophers app

An app for the history buff, trivia lover, and knowledge seeker, this app has everything you want to know about famous philosophers. While Locke would have read up in a library or bookstore, here in 2019 we want our knowledge right on our phones. View quotes through a satirical Twitter feed or become your favorite philosopher with the AR feature. Read up on great works and test your knowledge; who knows, maybe you will be the next great philosopher.

Western Philosophers


Preview of SkyView app

Stargazing is a great way to spend a Saturday night, but why not become an astronomer while you enjoy the lights in the sky. With SkyView, you can explore the universe in ways that a textbook can’t. Simply point your phone to the sky and quickly realize that the bright light is actually a satellite. Discover constellations and galaxies in real-time as you enjoy a date night with your partner. You’ll never look at the stars the same once you use SkyView.


Elevate - Brain Training

Preview of Elevate app

Looking to boost your productivity or build your vocabulary? Elevate is a brain training app that adjusts based on your strengths and weaknesses. Think of this app like a workout app but for your brain; track your progress as you “elevate” your skills. Become a better communicator and more confident in your abilities as you play a wealth of educational games. There are also sites where you can rent a Valheim server if you want an uninterrupted online gaming experience. Doing so will allow you to focus on your gameplay rather than all the stuttering and lags.

Elevate - Brain Training


Preview of Curiosity app

While Google is a great resource for any questions you may have, Curiosity is a great way to get smarter without having to ask questions. Curiosity is an app that publishes original content on topics ranging from A to Z and everything in between. Follow and save articles that spark an interest or learn more with thought provoking quizzes. Uncover answers you didn’t know you needed and discover questions that you didn’t even think about asking.

➤ Curiosity

10,500+ Cool Facts

Preview of 10,500+ Cool Facts app

This is a great way to pass those small pockets of time while passively increasing your knowledge. With a tap of your finger you'll learn a wide-range of fascinating facts that are, true to its name, very cool. For instance: Did you know that one cup of gasoline has the power of five sticks of dynamite? With a swipe of a finger you can flip from fact to fact. You can also turn the page by shaking the iPhone. Compile a “favorites” list and easily publish them to Facebook or Twitter. If you doubt any of these facts – and apparently someone did – the app had a recent update that lets you easily verify every one of them.

➤ 10,500+ Cool Facts

Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

Preview of Magic Cube 3D app

Can you name the puzzle with but one possible correct answer and 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 wrong ones? Invented in 1975, Rubik’s Cube came to market several years later and has since become the world's top-selling game. Everybody’s favorite play-anywhere plastic toy, can now tease the brain of anyone who owns a smartphone. Adding variety to spice up this game, in addition to the classic 3x3x3 Cube, there are four different sizes, a timed mode, free play, 24 different game styles, CRAZY Cube and the custom-picture cube. If you own 3D glasses, put your cube into 3D mode for a depth-defying gaming experience. It will blow whatever is left of your mind.

➤ Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

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