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The 10 Best Apps for Couples

After you swipe right, there is a world of mobile apps for couples to organize their shared lives and turboboost their sex life.

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1. Raft- Best Calendar App

2. Kindu- Best Sex Life App

3. Fix A Fight- Best Peacemaking App

4. Pathshare- Best Location App

5. Honeydue- Best Money App

6. Venmo- Best Money Transfer App

7. MysteryVibe- Best Do it Yourself App

8. The Icebreak- Best Intimacy App

9. Places I've Had Sex: Best Mapping App

10. Couple: Best Memories App

What Are The Best Apps For Couples?

If you think the quest for ~connectivity~ ends at "I do," you're missing out. All of us could use a bit of extra fire in our relationships, or even just a bit more organization, and there are mobile apps to help. If you've spent too much time on Candy Crush and not enough on your partner, there is still hope — just get your hands on a phone.

Turbocharge your relationship with these 10 apps for couples that help you organize money, plan romantic evenings, and amp up your sex life (well, maybe). They’re worth testing out, at least!

Raft- Best Calendar App

When was the last night you had a date night? Planning around two different schedules can be super aggravating, to say nothing of adding kids into the mix ("I thought you were picking up little River from his panpipe class."). Enter Raft: it’s a calendar app that synchs schedules with your partner — as well as friends, if you choose — and makes it easier to see everyone’s plans in color-coded calendars.

Kindu- Best Sex Life App

Can an app help your sex life? It’s worth a shot. Kindu offers over 1,000 sensual and romantic ideas for couples to try. Your bae can say whether she is into an idea, open to it, or not going to try, not even on your birthday. Even if couples don’t end up taking on any of the challenges (and “beware—nothing is taboo,” according to the app), it can’t help but spur more open communication about desires.

the matrix was basically a couples app
What was the Matrix but a gigantic, dystopian hookup app for couples like Neo and Trinity?

Fix A Fight- Best Peacemaking App 

Color us dubious about whether an app can actually solve an argument. That being said, anyone who has been in a couple knows that fights can only get worse when you say things in the heat of the moment. So maybe signing using an app to ~feel your feelz~ first isn’t the worst idea? Guided by the voice of couples therapist Mark McGonigle, LCSW, Fix A Fight gives couples the opportunity to identify feelings and go through the steps need to patch things up. Hey, it can’t be worse than stewing in angry silence, right?

  Pathshare- Best Location App

If you’re frequently tapping your foot impatiently while texting bae “Where r u??!!??” then Pathshare can put your mind at ease. The app uses a phone’s GPS to share its real-time location with one or more parties and includes a map so you can pinpoint their exact location and scheduled time of arrival. For privacy’s sake, Pathshare also allows you to set a session duration so that you can stop everyone from seeing your location.

Honeydue- Best Money App

This app totally lives up to its sweet name. Honeydue is the go-to personal finance app for you and your partner. Track your bank balances, bills, and spending together in one place. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping track of messy papers and confusing spreadsheets. Honeydue keeps everything beautifully organized while even reminding you when it's time to pay your bills. With everything clear and figured out, you and your partner can spend less time arguing and more time... well, we'll leave that up to you.

miranda july talks about apps for couples in you, me, and everyone we know
Miranda July was scheming up connectivity apps for couples long before you even knew who she was

Venmo- Best Money Transfer App

Some couples join their bank accounts, while others keep things separate. If you’re in the latter category, Venmo makes it easier to pay each other back for anything from groceries to your mortgage. It also keeps track of your payments, so you’ll never have to question whether you really paid your hubby back for those beers. Plus, “hey, could you Venmo me?” is a lot less awkward to ask than “Where’s my money???”

MysteryVibe- Best Do it Yourself App

MysteryVibe is the app that controls the ~Crescendo, the world's first smart sex toy. It's designed to let your partner control things from in the room or further afield (however far your heart and Wifi might roam), and knows to simmer down if you haven't been using it for a period of time. If things get stale, you can always download more vibes to mix it up.

total recall app to transport a couple
Are you spending enough quality time together as a couple? Apps can help.

The Icebreak- Best Intimacy App

We’ve all read that New York Times article about the 36 questions that, when answered, will supposedly make two strangers fall in love. The Icebreak app is based around the same idea, but designed for existing couples instead of strangers. The app provides questions to ask or answer to prompt thoughtful conversations in the hopes of encouraging more emotional intimacy. The best part of the app, however, may be the voyeuristically delicious option to read (anonymous!) responses from other couples.

Places I've Had Sex: Best Mapping App

If you’re trying to spice things up in the bedroom, try taking things… outside of the bedroom. The Places I've Had Sex app lets you track of all the places you’ve had sex (yes, really) including indoors, outdoors, in public places, sporting venues, and on transportation. The incentive to make out like a couple of teens in random locales does sound appealing, but just remember how you’ll explain this to the cops when you get busted.

Couple: Best Memories App

One of the best parts of being in a couple are the private messages, pics and goofy I-hope-no-one-finds-out-about-this moments that only you two share. The Couple app is actually like several apps in one to suit all your schmoopy needs. It allows you to keep a private timeline to remember special moments, message privately, and even send photos that disappear after a fixed period of time (a la Snapchat). Just don’t let the kids find it.

So, can you outsource your relationship? These apps for couples suggest: yeah, maybe you can.

Jessica Wakeman has written about the nexus of technology and relationships for Rolling Stone, Glamour, The Frisky, and The Cut. She tweets @jessicawakeman.

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