10 Mobile Apps Your Dad Will Love – But Doesn’t Know He Needs

This Father's Day give Dad some apps that will rock his world. Forget about getting him another box of golf balls or coffee mugs. Instead,…


This Father's Day give Dad some apps that will rock his world. Forget about getting him another box of golf balls or coffee mugs. Instead, distract him for a few minutes then grab his iPhone or iPad to download some of these Dad-pleasing apps. They'll remind him just how cool he really is.

Red Laser


Is there anything Dad loves more than a good deal? Red Laser allows him to scan barcodes to find the best prices and promotion offers from thousands of online and local retailers. The app also provides useful information like store hours and maps; it even allows Dad to create and send wish lists to friends and family. Best of all this app allows him to purchase items right from his phone, so he doesn't even have to get out of his easy chair!



Whether Dad is a Little League coach or just his kid's biggest fan, HomeTeam makes sports-parenting a lot easier. This handy app organizes a child's busy sports schedule while keeping track of team rosters, phone numbers and addresses. If Dad is multi-team tasking, HomeTeam displays a unified schedule of all the teams' games and practice dates. The app also allows the user to text or call players and parents - all with a single tap. HomeTeam is great for organizing carpools and even provides directions to the games.

Withings Health Mate


Withings Health Mate is ideal for any Dad who is looking to lose a few pounds, get in shape, monitor his blood pressure or even sleep better. Health Mate can track his weight and blood pressure by using the separate Withings Smart Scale or Smart BP Monitor; alternatively, he can enter the data manually. The app allows him to share his health history with a doctor (for guidance) or a loved one (for support). To track his physical activity, Health Mate links up with partner apps RunKeeper or BodyMedia to log runs or workouts, respectively. With eye-popping charts and graphs, Withings Health Mate is a great way to keep Dad healthy and happy.



When it's game time does Dad have to fight for the remote control or a piece of the couch? If so, FanFinder offers relief -- and even helps dad find his friends. This sports-centric app uses GPS to locate his whereabouts and identifies where local fans are watching his favorite team. Because FanFinder knows the location of thousands of bars and their major sports team affiliations, it can provide him with the quickest route to fan-friendliest sports bar. Now Dad can always find a comfortable place to watch the game with all his best buds.

Car Minder Plus


Dad can finally stop fretting about the family cars now that he has Car Minder Plus. Perfect for managing auto maintenance needs, logging repairs and tracking fuel economy for everything in the garage. Dad will never again wonder if a car needs an oil change, new windshield wipers or tire rotation. The app tracks all of that very quickly through its easy-to-use interface. It also tracks gas consumption and provides graphics of average mileage, most recent mileage and fill ups. Dad, start your engine!

Find My iPhone


For the Dad whose iPhone is hidden in between the couch pillows along with the remote control and month-old popcorn, this app is ideal. Simply install it on another iOS device and log in with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone will display the missing phone on a map, play a sound if it's really buried and can even remotely lock the device -- or erase all the data -- should it fall into the wrong hands.

Filter For Facebook


Is Dad tired of scrolling through his Facebook news feed and learning who won the game -- when he really wants to watch it later on TiVo? Filter For Facebook is the perfect app for killing any spoilers. He can scroll through his FB news feed worry-free because Filter For Facebook allows him to insert keywords that will block any sabotaging content. The app will also notify him how many posts were removed from his feed. Give Dad the news feed he doesn't want to see this Father's Day with the Filter For Facebook app!



Every Dad thinks he's a grill master - but sometimes even a professional chef gets burned. GrillTime is his recipe for success because it allows him to easily access recommended grilling times and temperatures. Is a rare steak too rare in your house? Are the well-done burgers... not? GrillTime provides timeless tips for creating a delectable dinner. Up for surf and turf? The app simultaneously runs multiple timers for a perfect mixed grill without mix-ups. It will even send a pop-up notification to remind even the most distracted Dad that HEY!!! it's time to get dinner off the grill. No matter his level of skill, this app will turn summer BBQs into the grill of his dreams.

ESPN ScoreCenter


Keep Dad up to date on all the scores, news and standings from major sports leagues, teams and players around the world with the ESPN ScoreCenter. The app allows him to personalize the scoreboard, news and video highlights by selecting his favorite teams and athletes. Calendar navigation shows upcoming games and previous scores. Alerts keep him informed in real time so he can share news, scores and video highlights with friends and family. With the ESPN ScoreCenter app Dad may never get off his phone. But at least he'll know the score!



Tired of Dad telling you his million-dollar ideas but never putting them into action? Elevatr is perfect for the creative Dad cooking up the Next Big Thing. This easy-to-navigate app creates a traditional business plan to shape his ideas into a format that's ideal for communicating to VCs and angels alike. Elevatr stores all of his (and your) ideas in one place, using an intuitive process to organize the input, gather feedback, create notes and multimedia. Help Dad get started on making all of his ideas come to life by taking the Elevatr. Can you say "inheritance" ??!!

To all the dads out there reading, Happy Father's Day!

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