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Amato Is Your Personal CRM

Have you ever felt like you are struggling to keep up with friends and family? Life just gets in the way and you realize it…

Have you ever felt like you are struggling to keep up with friends and family? Life just gets in the way and you realize it has been far too long since you’ve checked in with your college friends, extended family, or even your neighbors. This is something I’ve felt recently, especially after having a baby. Amato is a great way to manage this by reminding you to keep in touch with everyone so you never feel out of the loop again.

Amato is basically pitched as a CRM — or client/customer relationship manager. But instead of tracking clients for a business, you’re tracking your relationships with your friends and family. You can import people directly from the contacts app to help streamline setup. Some information it imports will create automatic reminder notifications, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

For each contact, you can customize the reminder notifications. You can choose the frequency such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. For each of these timeframes, you can get more granular. For weekly check-ins, you could choose to be reminded to get in touch on certain days of the week, like Mondays and Fridays.

What I love about Amato is how much information is displayed for each person. Just like a real CRM, it tracks all of your ongoing interactions. You can add when you see someone in person, when you call someone, or when you text them. These can all have added notes too so you know what was going on the last time that you saw them. Seems like a much better version of Michael Scott’s rolodex!

Using the communication APIs from Apple, you can initiate any conversation from Amato. With a tap, you can call, message, FaceTime, or email someone. This works from within the app or on the Amato Home Screen widget. These widgets can show different people, a list of people, or your upcoming reminders. It’s so cool to see this reminder on the widget that lets you then just jump into a call. There are Lock Screen widgets too, though they are just for reminder countdowns since there isn’t a lot of real estate available for much information.

This clever twist of a contact app is great for busy people who are trying to be more social. It doesn’t take much effort to stay in touch with people but it’s one of the easiest things to forget as we go about our daily lives. Amato is sleek, simple, and helpful.

But enough about other people's apps.


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