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Kiss My Score

This gorgeous soccer predictions app lets you predict matches, set up leagues with your friends and family, and chat with other soccer fans.

Kiss My Score predictions mobile app

Kiss My Score allows you to easily join Facebook friends’ leagues, create your own, or jump in one of the many already populated groups on the app. Your personal profile keeps track of betting history, total points, accuracy rate, friends playing and more. Each league displays player ranking, points, and lets you live chat with other fans, so you can talk smack during the games you have points riding on. There’s no money involved, so it’s all for the fun of competition and the love of the sport.

Kiss My Score mobile predictions app screenshots

Make predictions and score points from the same screen that lets you view games in real time. Place bets on any upcoming game up to 24 hours before it begins. The scoring system is simple. You are awarded 3 points for guessing the exact score, or 1 point for guessing a draw or the winning team. Anything else, and you get diddly squat.

The soccer predictions app also has the basic features you’d expect from any app focused around World Cup coverage. View live scores from all games in an easy to navigate UI, schedule push notifications for the games you don't want to miss, and view stats and lineups in real time.

Kiss My Score isn’t just around for World Cup season. Compete with friends on soccer scores for all Liga, EPL, UEFA and more league games. All with a simple drop-down filter that allows you to focus on the league you and your friends love.

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