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Meet Soon: The best app for creating lists of pretty much any type of recommendation ever

Meet Soon, our favorite app for keeping track of the places you want to go, all the restaurants you want to try and all the…

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Need a little help staying organized when it comes to all the movie suggestions, restaurant ideas, tv shows you need to remember? Here's an insider tip: download Soon, our favorite app for keeping track of the places you want to go and all the juicy media you want to consume.

The summer repose is drawing to an end, things are going on, and there’s a wave of new content to binge-consume on the horizon. And you need a better way to organize all the oh-you’ve-just-got-to-go-there’s and the I-think-this-show’s-totally-up-your-alley’s and the this-podcast-changed-my-life’s... you get the gist.

Staying on top of recommendations can be pretty daunting. My movie list lives in my Notes app, my book list is on Evernote, my articles have ended up on Todoist somehow, and there’s also about 30 sticky notes with restaurant suggestions floating around my apartment. All of that changed when I got Soon.

Soon App of the Week

Soon is a game-changer when it comes to keeping track of all the things on your everyday bucket list. The app acts as a home for all your lists — books, restaurants, podcasts, bars, hotels, music, museums, TV series (and those are just the options on the first page).

Adding items to different lists is extremely easy, and once you’ve checked them off, they move to a “Done” folder. You can follow your friends and check out their lists, and if you need more inspiration, you can see what’s trending on the app, and even get suggestions by location.

Soon has some room for improvement: the app doesn’t reliably have entries for just-opened restaurants or obscure foreign films, but users are able to make entries for anything that the app hasn’t picked up on yet. Also, queries need to be pretty precise in order for the right results to turn up, so make sure to spell things accurately, but those issues are pretty easy to forgive when you consider the benefits.

Here’s the verdict: Soon is not another download-smile-delete app. I’ve used Soon just about every day since I downloaded it three weeks ago, and have already started converting my friends. Fall is coming up, which means you’ve got a ton of Netflix shows to binge, books to read, and restaurants to try. Do yourself a favor and keep track of your to-consume list the right way — with Soon.

But enough about other people's apps.

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