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Meet Otter: The App That Will Change How You Take Notes For the Rest of Your Life

Meet our latest App of the Week: Otter. Brought to you by AISense, Otter is your new secret weapon for meetings, lectures, important conversations, etc.

Are you exhausted from endless note-taking during meetings? Do you fall into the category of hyperactive note-takers who become filled with anxiety if they miss a few lines during a meeting? It sounds like you need to stop what you’re doing and download Otter, our latest App of the Week.

Otter, brought to you by AISense, is your new secret weapon for meetings, lectures, important conversations, etc. The app not only records, but it also transcribes as it’s recording! I’m no referee but that, my friends, sounds like a total game-changer. And you can even tap on the text that was written up with Otter’s super smart AI and read along as the app plays the recording back to you, highlighting each word.

When you sign up for Otter, you get 600 free minutes of recording-transcribing magic with unlimited cloud storage per month and multi-device syncing. If you need more than that, a premium subscription for $9.99 a month comes packed with 6,000 minutes — more than enough time to finally write up that autobiography you’ve been waiting to grace the world with.

Have trouble remembering your manager’s verbose or hyper-cryptic instructions? Sneak Otter into your next meeting. Like to make voice memos on the go? Use the Otter in your pocket. Suck at typing? Just say the word (literally) and Otter’s got your back. 

But enough about other people's apps.

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