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AppGratis Review, the App of Apps

The Parisian AppGratis is an unavoidable app these days. It is currently in the number seven spot of the top free apps in the iTunes…

The Parisian AppGratis is an unavoidable app these days. It is currently in the number seven spot of the top free apps in the iTunes store. This mobile giant is going to continue to grow even further now due to funding in the total of $13.5 million that they have recently received Europe’s Iris Capital, along with the Orange Publicis Fund.  This extra funding isn’t something that they necessarily need, but it will help to fuel it ahead to a whole other level.

AppGratis is an app that showcases one app a day that you are able to download for free. You have 24 hours to take advantage and get your hands on an app that you would normally have to pay for. You may be wondering how this system exactly works and who benefits out of the whole thing. By having AppGratis give away your app for a day, your specific app will gain many downloads (potentially up to 500,000 in the day). When it is big companies that are giving their app away, that said company pays AppGratis for each download it gets (generally one or two dollars). When it is a smaller company giving away their app, that company and AppGratis split the money that is coming in from digital downloads and advertisements.

Since the creation of AppGratis about three years ago, its founder, Simon Dawalt, says that the company has grown to about 40 employees and has made $14.5 million in revenue. The additional funding will aid to double the size of the staff as well as helping to grow in new markets. After being founded in France, Dawalt first started targeting small regional markets and then later expanding to the US. They are currently driving traffic from over 30 different markets, but hope that they will be able to expand and reach many more.

According to VentureBeat, in December 2012, the app received one million dollars in revenue alone. Over seven million people currently have AppGratis installed on their mobile devices and about one million of those people open the app up every day. Out of the people that open AppGratis daily, anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of those people will download the showcased app of the day.

This profitable app recommendation engine is continuing to grow and introduce users to many new apps that are available to them. The power behind AppGratis is pushing it ahead in the market and has allowed it to turn into a global app discovery device.

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