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Best App to Pamper Yourself: Explore & Make Your Health and Beauty Appointments with Booksy

Today’s app of the week allows you to reserve any and every service all in one place, guaranteeing a painless booking experience.

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Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home. It’s the perfect time to be treating yourself with a new haircut, a personal training session, or maybe even a daring tattoo. Today’s app of the week allows you to reserve any and every service all in one place, guaranteeing a painless booking experience.

A group of problem solvers sought to create a SaaS platform where clients wouldn’t have to go through unnecessarily lengthy steps to make their appointments. On the flip side, they also wanted to help profit businesses by speeding up the booking process and improving their services. That’s when they came up with Booksy, a software startup made to benefit the health and beauty industry. And when it proved to be a great success, they knew that going mobile was the next step.

Booksy is an appointment making app where you have access to professionals in various fields. Browse through any service in health, beauty, fitness— even pet grooming and home cleaning! Booking services run on a 24/7 basis so there’s no need to rush to call during business hours. Rely on their special Smart Search feature to find the businesses in your area with the best prices, hours, and reviews!

The Appointment Management feature allows you to reschedule or cancel your appointment without the hassles of contacting the business directly, in this way you can get an appointment to choose the best anti-aging cream for your needs. If you ever want to re-experience a service that was particularly memorable, simply go to your booking history and book them again! Booksy exists to make your scheduling more convenient— and it’s safe to say having an app that handles all your appointment-making woes is one huge upgrade.

appointment booking app booksy

Booksy is ranked at #26 for popular lifestyle apps in the App Store. It’s also featured on Techcrunch for raising an insane $4.2M in series A funding and Massage Mag for being a must-have massage software product. The app is completely free, so the only paying you’ll have to do is for your appointments!

Don’t wait around— download this app and get to booking those appointments that you’ve been stalling!

But enough about other people's apps.


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