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Artifact Uprising Puts Other Printing Services to Shame

  Our home is full of artwork. Photos my wife and I have taken. Family photos that were passed down. Paintings or photos we’ve found…

Our home is full of artwork. Photos my wife and I have taken. Family photos that were passed down. Paintings or photos we’ve found at art shows or on vacation. Of course, my wife and I have tried more than our fair share of printing apps from the App Store. There are “free” ones that give you a free allotment hoping you’ll add on more. There are budget ones that are always offering sales and discounts. Then there is Artifact Uprising that has some of the most gorgeous printing options available at reasonable prices.

The app is different than others and has a modern, clean layout with a stark white background. Icons are all linicons that are simple and minimalist. Most of the app’s landing page is full of its products but as you tap into them, you get more information. There is a good description of the product, many handcrafted here in the U.S.

Speaking of which, Artifact Uprising uses high-quality materials. All the paper is FSC-certified acid-free archival paper in multiple finishes. It specifies the printing method, such as inkjet giclee with 100-percent archival inks. Walnut or birch woods, linen-bound books, or brass and steel accents — depending on the product. Just don’t expect to print your photos on a cheesy t-shirt or a bunch of glossy coasters.

I usually wouldn’t stick some glorified storefront in my list of favorite apps but I think it is important to pay a little more for higher quality and many of these printing apps barely function and make money hand-over-fist shipping out low-quality prints that are embarrassing. Artifact Uprising has pride in what it does and puts a lot of effort not just into its products, but its app as well.

The app ties into several Apple-specific services, such as your iCloud Photos library and checkout via Apple Pay. With a touch-optimized interface, you can drag and drop your photos around to the layout you want. If you don’t want to use Apple Photos, you can access your Instagram photos directly and use those.

A few examples of Artifact Uprising products include wood photo bars, wooden clip calendars with available refills, metal-accented photo boxes, among many others. You don’t see many of these often, let alone with such good quality. Show your photos some respect and have them printed in a way that will display them well and use the gorgeous Artifact Uprising app to get it done.

But enough about other people's apps.


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