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Meet Apollo: a Reddit App By Redditors, For Redditors

Apollo is a third party Reddit app with the intention of looking and feeling like an entity that belongs on the iOS platform.

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If you’re someone who likes to cruise into the realm of online forums, you’ve definitely heard of (and have most likely used) Reddit. With its infinite collection of subreddits and an addictive endless scrolling mechanism, the site can easily keep you glued to your desktop screen for hours on end.

A former Apple intern and an ongoing Redditor, Christian Selig thought to develop an iOS Reddit app that would look and feel like an entity that belongs on the iOS platform. Through a pretty lengthy crowdsourcing process, Selig was able to use feedback from thousands of beta users to further polish his app until it was ready for launch.

Similar to how V for Wikipedia massively upgrades the original Wikipedia app experience, Apollo is a third party Reddit app that creates a sleeker, smoother browsing experience. Its special Jump Bar saves time by allowing you to quickly bounce between subreddits, while the Media Viewer showcases tons of media from sources like Imgur, Gfycat, Imgflip, and more.

Because Reddit revolves around media and social interaction, Apollo offers features that specifically cater to those aspects. Its interface previews links in the comments that include videos, pictures, or GIFs so that you don’t have to manually click through each one; you can simply view it as you scroll down the page. And if you wish to give your own two cents on a topic, you can utilize Apollo’s customizable comment tab and format the text to your heart’s content.

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Apollo is ranked at #42 for News in the App Store and stands as an undeniable favorite of TechCrunch and MacRumors. It is free to download, but you have the option of paying a small amount for additional features, such as monthly app icons and enabled notifications.

There’re tons of other Reddit apps out there— but why not use the one app that’s made by redditors, for redditors? Download Apollo now and enjoy the browsing experience you’ve been missing out on!

But enough about other people's apps.


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