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Meet V for Wikipedia: Fancy Reading For Your Mobile Device

V for Wikipedia is an informational reading app that takes Wikipedia to a whole new level of entertainment and convenience.

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Wikipedia is a fairly dependable source (despite what your teachers might’ve said) whenever you want to search up a movie synopsis or figure out a complex scientific theory—Or maybe words like mobile app development and digital strategy are alien to you, and you want to familiarize yourself to more of today’s tech jargon; we’ve all been there.  

Raureif is a group of creative experts with a knack for UI design. Some of their work includes an aesthetically pleasing weather app and an impressive number of site redesigns. Their most recent aspirations, however, led them to develop a reading service platform for Wikipedia— one made especially for mobile.

As a whole, it’s safe to say that Wikipedia offers a fairly painless browsing experience. The site’s simple, to-the-point appearance sticks to a trusty white background and a list of icons that allows even the most technologically challenged user to navigate the pages. But today's app of the week is ready to change the game for all Wikipedia users, tech-savvy or not.

V for Wikipedia is an informational reading app that takes Wikipedia to a whole new level of entertainment and convenience. Using elegant typography in twelve styles and an organized layout made for easy scrolling, it elevates your interaction with the text to a higher, more enjoyable standard of reading.

Its main feature allows you to conduct a classic article search as you would on the original site. But if you’re ever in the mood for new reads, the app suggests educational, in-depth articles that are on important landmarks near your location or are popularly read by other users around the world.

If you ever dreamed of Wikipedia functioning as a library in your pocket, this app makes it a reality. It lets you add bookmarks in case you find an article that you want to save for the future, even including a bonus option for you to browse all your previous searches in your search history. You never have to worry about losing track of an article again.

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V for Wikipedia is a proud winner of the 2017 German Design Award and is continually praised by content sites like App Advice and Beautiful Pixels. It is also currently available for download on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and can be purchased for the generous price of $5.99.

For avid Wikipedia users willing to give this app a try: we guarantee that its style and practicality are just the tip of the iceberg. Download the app now to see what the refined reading experience is all about!

But enough about other people's apps.


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