Bedphones: Sound Just Got Snuggly

Marketed as headphones designed for sleep, Bedphones are an insomniac’s dream and the perfect pajama accessory for music lovers.  Less than ¼ of an inch thick, bedphones feature an adjustable ear hook that remembers your aural contours for maximum comfort.  While traditional ear buds tend to exert pressure on your ears and can be uncomfortable at best, bedphones are designed somewhat like mini musical pillows, enabling users to follow the music to another realm without having to miss a beat.  Bedphones are designed specifically for use with a smart phone app that features basic, timer, and smart modes.  Smart mode, however, is what makes Bedphones an invention worth investing in, as it uses motion detection technology to turn off your music when you stop grooving to it.  Gone are the days when you’d fall into a sweet slumber only to be rudely awakened when your iPod decided to shuffle to the Dreamtheater album you listened to religiously your sophomore year of high school.  Or maybe that was just me.

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