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The 9 Best Apps For Book Lovers

Do you love reading on your phone? Do you want to find the perfect subscription for eBooks and audiobooks? Try these best apps for book…

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1. Amazon Kindle

2. Audible

3. Blinkist

4. Goodreads

5. Libby by OverDrive

6. ComiXology

7. Epic!

8. Marvin 3 

9. Scribd

We Found The Best Apps For Book Lovers

At Fueled, we build apps for companies looking to expand their digital offerings to reach more users. This shift to mobile-focused business models is affecting every type of consumer, but readers especially are changing their habits. Book lovers are increasingly putting down the physical books and picking up iPads and Kindles. In 2018, a quarter of all books sold so far have been e-books, and that figure doesn’t include audiobooks, which in turn make up another 18% of the market. Digital books are here to stay, so for National Book Lovers Day Fueled has put together a list of the best apps for book lovers of all ages.

1. Amazon Kindle — The Best App for Books

The Amazon Kindle is a books app free to download and is the best place to start reading books online. If you are already a Kindle owner wanting to move your library to more devices, the app automatically syncs up with all your purchases. It features a robust, well-designed marketplace where Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can simply select and download eBooks directly in the app. Full of fancy features like X-Ray and Whispersync, the Kindle iOS and Android offering is certainly a first-class mobile app.

You can even have Alexa to read your Echo read books out loud. It ends up being a great app to download if you love to read, and Kindle Unlimited is a solid service for $9.99 a month - despite lacking some books from major publishers such as Penguin Random House. Due to its breadth, it is still one of the best apps for book lovers, but some other apps on this list go all-in on certain aspects that some readers may appreciate if they are looking for a more specialized experience.

amazon prime best apps for book lovers

2. Audible — The Best Audiobooks App

The Audible app is the definitive mobile app for book lovers who prefer to listening over reading — or readers who are commuting on crowded trains, and listening to a book is more feasible than looking down at your phone for 45 minutes at a time. Audible boasts the largest selection of audiobooks on the market. With great books read by both their authors and Hollywood celebrities, like the wildly hyped Rosamund Pike reading of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Audible boasts offerings for every type of book lover.

After your 30 day free trial, Audible starts at $14.95 per month for one audiobook a month, with a 30% discount on any additional books you want to purchase from the store. Both the iOS and Android versions are some of the top-rated apps on their respective stores.

audible best apps for book lovers

3. Blinkist — The Best App For Book Lovers Who Don’t Have Time To Read

Do you love books, but don’t have time to read everything on your wishlist? Blinkist is one of the best apps for book lovers who don’t have time to read. Blinkist breaks down the key takeaways from a collection of the world’s best nonfiction books. Each entry is 15 minutes of text and audio, built to inform and teach, not simply summarize. Imagine a streamlined SparkNotes for adults and you have Blinkist.

If you are a nonfiction junky, love reading for self-improvement, to hear the best advice, or just to gain insight into the minds of the world’s top business leaders, Blinkist is the app for you. The book summary app costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Select a book from 19 categories including mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and self-help.

blinkist best apps for book lovers

4. Goodreads — The Best Social App For Book Lovers

Are you one of those people who is always asking around your friend group to figure out what to read next? Well, now you can stop spamming the group text and still get quality recommendations. Goodreads is an essential app for book lovers that want to share their reads and find a community. Leave reviews and ratings for everything you read, and look at what others had to say to pick your next favorite book. Goodreads also recommends new titles to you based on what you’ve rated highly on the app.

The mobile app barcode scanner lets you scan books you find in your local library or bookstore and add them to your ‘to-read’ shelf. This means no more worrying if you are going to like a book before buying it. If you see something interesting, just scan it, see what the Goodreads community is saying, and swiftly make your decision. Goodreads is one of the best apps for book lovers looking to find a community of like-minded fiction fanatics.

goodreads best apps for book lovers

5. Libby by OverDrive — The Best Library App

Ever wish you didn’t have to venture out to the local public library to pick up and return books? Well, you are in luck. Libby, by OverDrive, gives you access to materials from your public library, all by simply entering your library card information. An improvement over the original OverDrive app, with similar core functionality and a gorgeous UI overhaul, Libby is the best library app on the market.

The Kindle app offers similar functionality, yes, but in addition to E-books, Libby allows you to check out audiobooks from your local library branch. Plus, the interface is built from the ground up for library loans, so it’s much easier to keep track of what you’ve checked out than if you were renting through the Kindle app. Sign into multiple libraries, download books and audiobooks to read and listen to offline, and sample any book with just a tap - Libby is your virtual library and hands down one of the best apps for book lovers who long for the good old days of reading at the library for hours.

libby best apps for book lovers

6. ComiXology — The Best App for Comic Book Lovers

Comic lovers are book lovers too! And when it comes to reading comic books, graphic novels, and manga digitally, ComiXology is the best option in town. This New York based company has created an app featuring all new releases and timeless classics from Marvel, DC, Image and independent comic book publishers. Navigate easily through your entire digital comics library across all your devices.

ComiXology is one of the only places where you will find all your favorites in one place. There’s no need to fragment your comic reading experience across apps, just read them all on this app. ComiXology's Guided View™ makes reading on phones and tablets especially intuitive and allows you to get the most from your favorite comics. The feature focuses and zooms on each individual panel, making for a seamless no-fuss reading experience.

comixology comic book app one of the best apps for book lovers

7. Epic! — The Best App for Young Readers

Epic! is similar to a number of E-book services in terms of features, but it is the only one solely dedicated to children’s books. The service includes over 25,000 books, quizzes, and learning videos for kids for only $7.99 a month. Epic! includes classics like ‘Goodnight Moon’ and ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ as well as more modern video and magazine offerings like the most recent issues of National Geographic Kids. Aimed at children 12 and under, the Epic! app features colorful, welcoming UI that encourages your child to discover new, great reads.

Epic! Is also available for educators as a free edtech tool. Any educator who wants to create a more fully connected classroom and save money on books for students needs to check it out. This is one of the best apps for book lovers who love to teach others to love books.

epic best apps for book lovers

8. Marvin 3 — The Best App for Reading DRM-Free Files

If you are looking for a customizable, personalized e-reader app for your DRM-free files, the latest edition of Marvin is the app for you. Now in its third iteration, Marvin can read all DRM-free EPUB books, CBX, and CBR comics. If you’ve been reading DRM-free books on your computer for years and are ready to bring them on the go, try Marvin.

The customization options in Marvin 3 are staggering. The app includes adjustable UI, easily allowing for light and dark adjustments, a topnotch highlighting tool, and the ability to export to iCloud, Dropbox and more. You can even hook up a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone or tablet and set customizable navigation commands. Marvin 3 also integrates with Goodreads, whose merits you are now well acquainted with. This only scratches the surface on the customizability options offered in Marvin 3.

marvin one of the best apps for book lovers

9. Scribd — The Best Subscription Service App for Book Lovers

Founded in San Francisco, startup Scribd offers similar functionality to Audible and Kindle, but the big deal here is the service model. Scribd truly offers unlimited access to its entire library of magazine articles, academic journals, books, and audiobooks for $8.99 a month. Read select articles from NPR, The New York Times, and more in addition to books of all genres.

Scribd is ultimately a great deal (cheaper than Kindle Unlimited in the long run) if you are also an avid reader who is open to trying new selections. They may not always have every article you want to read or the next book on your wishlist, but the selection is broad enough that there will always something be new for you to read or listen to. There’s no risk to starting the 30-day free trial and seeing if Scribd is the right subscription service for you.

scribd best apps for book lovers

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