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Fueled is an award-winning enterprise app development and design agency who has worked with top clients across dozens of industries. We’ve built chart-topping apps for Fortune 500 companies MGM and Rite Aid. We’ve translated the beloved websites of 9Gag and Crunchbase to mobile apps. Our vast portfolio is illustrative of our high-quality standards regardless of the product.

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Our Fortune 500 App Development Projects

At Fueled, we don't just build enterprise apps. We create the kind of products that Fortune 500 companies rave about, and that users can’t stop talking about. We eat, sleep, and breathe mobile. Thanks to Fueled, enterprise companies like Verizon have developed innovative new apps, implement massive design and backend overhauls to existing apps, and make minor improvements that bring their mobile game to the next level.

Fueled believes all great apps are built to solve a problem in a way that makes life easier for the user base in question. Our apps address our client’s user pain points while delivering high return on investment for the client. Our Rite Aid app is the perfect example.

We transformed the Rite Aid mobile pharmacy experience into a top App Store performer, with a 4.7 star rating. This app completely reinvented Rite Aid’s mobile UX, and placed an emphasis on making prescription refills easy and painless for customers of all ages. Following the release of Fueled’s updated Rite Aid app, ratings skyrocketed, and more importantly, Rite Aid saw a 7% increase in prescription refills

across the brand, bringing in $55 million for the Fortune 500 chain. Verizon, the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States, choose Fueled as the right company to design and develop their in-store app experience. One of the highest ranked Fortune 500 companies entrusted Fueled to build the feature set that would bring the Verizon retail experience to mobile. And we delivered.

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We created a multi-platform app that gives customers access to an interactive floor map, full of useful information on the products in stock, with functionality to do all your shopping from your phone - as it should be at a mobile-focused store.

We’ve built game-changing project with MGM Resorts that is going to shake up the hospitality industry. The new MGM app brings seamless mobile check-in and digital key to the largest resort chain in Las Vegas. The app lets guests book shows and dining reservations directly and with the utmost ease.

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Enterprise App DevelopmentFor Industry Leaders

At Fueled, our clientele is companies who at the top of their game. We have made apps for legacy brand automotive companies Porche and Hagerty. Our teams have turned websites with millions of monthly active users like Crunchbase and 9Gag into apps users love.

Some titans of industry emerge as startups, and we give these clients as much attention as our Fortune 500 projects — they may just end up on that list one day. We brought eyewear brand Warby Parker’s web experience to mobile, letting users virtually try on and buy glasses without stepping foot in a physical location.

As product innovators, we are always working with emerging technologies like Alexa Skills and Blockchain. We were an early investor in Coinbase and one of the first enterprise app development companies to delve into Apple Watch app development. Our team of Award-winning Android certified Android developers and designers translated some of the top iOS apps to the Play Store. Fueled is a partner agency in Google’s Agency Program. 

Our Android team gets access to Google’s latest products and APIs, and specialized training. We are uniquely qualified to understand and craft high-quality Android apps.. When we launched the Android version of QuizUp, it hit #1 on Google Play within 24 hours. We also took best-selling mobile image editing app Afterlight and tailored it for Android. It became the #1 paid app in the Google Play store within 48 hours of launching.

Why Do Fortune 500Companies Need Experienced App Developers?

The future used to be on mobile. But now, the present is on mobile. In 2018, mobile traffic accounted for 50% of total website traffic. Global revenue from mobile apps is projected to hit $188.9 billion by the year 2020, a 200% increase from 2016. There is money in apps, because that’s where people spend on mobile.

An average adult in the U.S. spends approximately 3 hours every day on their smartphones, and around 90% of the time is in apps. The largest growth areas are in E-commerce apps (54%), music and media apps (43%), and finance apps (33%). Enterprise app development is the next great opportunity to make mobile a pillar of your business that will drive user satisfaction and profitability. So why wait to make yours, when we can do it right now?

Our EnterpriseApp Development Methodology

Fueled’s Product Management team takes client ideas and turns them into award-winning apps, using research, user testing, and support from Fueled’s team of brilliant mobile experts. Our Product Managers use this information to find a mobile solution to the problem presented by the client. We execute by developing a standout feature set that will deliver return on investment and raise user retention rates.

Our first priority when creating a project roadmap is finding the defining feature of an app. This is the download hook, the reason a user will download the app. Hours of research and testing lead to honing in on the perfect feature that meets client criteria and gets us excited. Following this decision, our Product Managers choose which two or three supporting features will be best suited

for this specific project. We determine which of the supporting features will find generate the highest ROI in a practical way. Which features will the user find valuable that will directly produce revenue for the client? For each project, the dedicated research done by our Product Managers means we know which metrics equal a higher ROI.

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Enterprise App Development Awards & Testimonials

Fueled Mobile App Development Awards

Our work with clients has garnered us many awards. From the Webby Awards and the Hive Awards given to our products, to frequently being listed on Goodfirms top 50 app developers for both our Android and iOS work. It’s not our work that is award-winning. Fueled is consistently ranked highly by Comparably among the most diverse places to work for women. Our attention to detail and diversity allows us to build even more impactful consumer products that clients love.

Warby Parker, QuizUp, ideeli, and Namely testimonials for Fueled.
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We DoProduct Development For Anyone, Anywhere

We have offices across the globe in New York City and London, and have worked with enterprise clients on six continents. Our team of project managers communicate across time zones to seize exciting opportunities with international enterprises and develop their products through smart, streamlined collaboration. Fueled is a company made up of people around the world, and we want to work with anyone who has an innovative new idea, no matter where they live.

Fueled’s North American agency office is located in New York, but we are open to working with companies across the country. From Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C to Pittsburgh, Saudi Arabia, China, and anywhere in between, we can develop a mobile app that will win the marketplace. We did it for Las Vegas legends MGM Resorts. We can do it for you.

How MobileApp Development Can Help Your Business

Our enterprise app development clients are among the best and brightest minds in business, and many have created their own great mobile apps. Yet Fortune 500 companies consistently turn to Fueled to help them build a truly competitive, world-class iPhone apps. Our dedicated team of strategists, engineers, and designers steer great companies towards creating truly innovative mobile experiences  

If you have any questions about our previous work with enterprise app development, or how to build the next chart-topping app just reach out.

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