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The 6 Best Photo Apps For Photography Beginners

Smartphone cameras have come a long way. Here are the best photo apps for everything from editing photos to learning about photography and more.

Here Are The 6 Best Photo Apps For Shutterbugs

Smartphone cameras have come a long way over the years and even the best photo apps are getting better by the second  — As lenses and editing capabilities improve, more and more people are starting to view their phone as a convenient substitution to handheld point-and-shoots or even to DSLRs for some. Digital photography has become an integral part of daily life for most people. When it comes to social media, for example, according to Pew Research Center, SnapChat is the preferred platform for U.S. teens, with YouTube in second place and Instagram in third.

Outside of social media, there are tons of photo apps available, but with over 3.8 million apps in Google Play and over 2 million apps in the App Store, it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth the download. If you need some help navigating the app world to find the best photo apps for photography beginners, check this list of our favorites so far.

CreativeLive — The Best App for Learning About Photography

If you don’t know much about photography, it can feel a little daunting to try to start from scratch. Film cameras are rare, and unless you have a good teacher, getting photos to turn out the right way takes a lot of time.

Next time you’re looking to learn more about photography, check out the CreativeLive app. Since the company first sprouted up around 2012, it has gained a reputation as a top learning platform for artists, musicians and anyone else who likes to get creative. CreativeLive has an extensive inventory of photography 101 videos, including classes on Photoshop, nature and landscape photography, tabletop product photography, and even the art of seeing.

When you buy a CreativeLive course, you can get access to over 100 professional photography tutorials depending on the course you take. Although the photography course fee of $50 might feel a little steep, videos range from eight minutes long to over thirty — you could embark on a pretty serious journey into photography for the price of seeing four or five movies at a theater.

Best Photo Apps CreativeLive

App Store Download

Afterlight 2 — The Best App For Quick Photo Editing

The first version of Afterlight was available only for iOS, but demand for an Android version of the photo-editing app skyrocketed. After the Android version was developed (by Fueled!), the app became a top choice for users of both platforms. Now, with a massive library of custom filters, advanced editing tools like Curves and RGB, and tons of overlays and texture, Afterlight 2 takes photo-editing to the next level.

Sitting pretty at #2 in the App Store’s photo and video category, Afterlight 2 has become a key tool for photo lovers everywhere. And, with no in-app purchases, no subscription fees, and guaranteed free content, it’s no wonder why the app continues to top the charts as one of the best photo apps for quick and easy photo editing.

Best Photo Apps Afterlight 2

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Huji Cam — The Best App for Taking Disposable Camera Photos

Most photo apps come jam-packed with a million different filters, but with Huji Cam, simplicity is key. Huji Cam has more or less perfected the disposable camera filter, giving photos the perfect amount of graininess and natural-looking light distortion. The app takes user-experience to the next level — to open the app, users have to hold their smartphone up to their eye as if they were using a real $10 drugstore disposable camera.

According to New York Magazine, Huji Cam had been downloaded over 16 million times when they wrote their article about the explosive vintage photo app in July 2018. Currently, Huji Cam ranks at #13 in the App Store’s photo and video category — for photo lovers looking to take a trip back to 1998, this photo app is your best time machine.

Best Photo Apps Huji Cam

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ProCamera. — The Best App For Taking Manual Photos

For a lot of photographers, smartphone cameras just can’t provide the quality and experience of taking a picture with a digital camera, even if it’s in automatic mode. However, for a lot of people, being able to take a decent picture with a smartphone that takes up as much space as, well, a smartphone, is worth compromising on manual control.

A photo app that feels more like a digital camera, ProCamera. gives smartphone users all the features that photographers know and love. From low-light settings to capture formats, shutter speed control, ISO sensitivity and white balance, ProCamera. lets users take serious photos without the professional price. Although the app can't replace the options available with a camera, it is one of the best photo apps for giving smartphone photographers a much more dynamic experience.

Best Photo Apps ProCamera

App Store Download ($5.99)

Google Photos — The Best App For Cloud Photo Storage

When it comes to storing your photos, there are a ton of apps that get the job done. With iCloud Photo Library, 5GB of free storage might seem like a blessing, but things can get a little messy when your photos shart to reach ungodly numbers.

If iCloud Photo Library isn’t enough for you, try Google Photos, one of the best photo apps for storing photos. Google Photos offers unlimited free storage space for photos and videos — the only catch is a 16-megapixel maximum for photos and a maximum resolution of 1080p for videos. Unless you’ve got some seriously heavy photos, Google Photos is a great photo app for storing mobile images.

With great storage comes great responsibility for having a very user-friendly photo archiving system. Google Photos addresses the needle-in-the-haystack issue of finding a specific photo with an AI-powered search system. Trying to find that picture of your buddy owning the dance floor at that shindig a few months ago? Try searching “party.”

Best Photo Apps Google Photos

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Shutterfly — The Best App For Printing Photos

The digital age has revolutionized how we store photos, but as a result, physical copies of photos are becoming less and less common. When you can take twenty photos of the same thing without batting an eye, photos can start to lose that serendipitous, sentimental value that they once had.

Shutterfly is one of the best photo apps for taking your photos off the cloud and into your home. In addition to making printing photos a quick and easy process, users can use the app to make custom gifts. Need a last minute Mother’s Day present? Shutterfly can help you whip up a thoughtful gift in a few seconds.

With the app, users are provided with unlimited 4x4 and 4x6 prints for free and with tons of creative gift ideas like pet accessories, back-to-school gear for kids, photo albums, custom cards, and more.

Best Photo Apps Shutterfly

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