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The 7 Best Relaxation Apps

Sleep better, locate your inner calm, and target everyday stress with this list of best relaxation apps, curated exclusively by us.

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1. Mindbody

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5. 7 CUPS



The Best Relaxation Apps You Need to Wind Down

What’s keeping you up at night? Tomorrow’s life-or-death presentation? One too many cold brews? Is your significant other mad at you—again? Do you wish you could, at the tap of a button, escape? So do we, just about daily. The modern age—rife with oppressive deadlines, mounting social pressures, and destructive politics—takes its toll on all of us. That is why some students spend time studying during the night instead of  relaxing. Few of them have even tried out Modafinil which is a good on safe dosages. Read on for the best relaxation apps that will rekindle your inner calm, combat anxiety and stress, and offer that extra push you need to tackle this world head-on.


Who hasn’t been advised to take care of your body during a particularly trying time? Mindbody celebrates the physical side of wellness, offering an array of local fitness classes and beauty appointments. Exercise classes are sorted by category, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Not much of a lifter? Try pole-dancing, or keep it low-key (but sweat-fueled) with pilates. The app doesn’t limit you to pampering yourself or working out, though; access nutritionists in your area to track and improve your eating habits. Trust us on this: looking good has never looked better.

best relaxation apps mindbody

10% Happier

This app, according to its website, offers “meditation for fidgety skeptics.” Unlike similar apps, 10% Happier features world-renowned meditation teachers, so rest assured that you’re learning from the best. Squeeze mindfulness into your daily routine by watching videos of guided meditations, designed for small blocks of free time throughout your day: your morning and evening commutes, lunch break, and more. Being busy is hard, but meditation doesn’t have to be with this relaxation meditation app.

best relaxation apps 10% happy

Sleep Cycle

Nobody doubts the importance of sleep—what better way to escape and recharge? If you’re looking to make your sleep cycle more regular, or if you just hate conventional alarms, Sleep Cycle is for you. Set your wake-up phase—the period of time before your actual alarm—between 10 and 90 minutes, during which the app will wake you when it detects light sleep. How does it know? Through your phone’s accelerometer, which tracks movement—you’re far less likely to be mobile during periods of deep sleep. The result? You’ll feel significantly more refreshed upon waking up. So please, get some rest and use this relaxation app for sleep.

best relaxation apps sleepcycle


Not only is Pzizz chock-full of useful functions, but it’s also one of the most visually stunning apps on the market. The nap module is a standout feature that allows you to journey through the universe with the help of either a male or female narrator, as well as calming (and volume-adjustable) music. There’s a science behind it, too: according to the app’s CEO, Rockwell Shah, Pzizz’s “dreamscapes”—calculated sound sequences—and layered voice narrations are designed to boost somatic awareness, relax muscles, and target issues with heart rate variability breathing. Even J.K. Rowling endorsed it as one of the best relaxation apps out there—how’s that for a sweet dream?

best relaxation apps screenshot

7 Cups

Real-life therapy is often expensive and time-consuming, so why not take the digital route? 7 Cups lets you speak with a trained listener or therapist for free, anonymously, and on your own schedule. It's certainly one of the best relaxation apps for those who prefer human interaction to a pre-recorded voice or standardized visuals—a surprisingly difficult find nowadays. The best part? You can choose your own listener based on life experience or background, making for a truly personalized safe space. If you’re hesitant about trying therapy, or if you’re looking for a free and convenient alternative, then 7 Cups might be for you. Cheers to that!

best relaxation apps 7 cups app screenshot


This app serves up the full package: it targets anxiety, induces deep sleep, improves concentration, breaks bad habits, and much more. If you experience trouble falling asleep, the in-app coach guides you through easy-to-follow breathing exercises and teaches meditation classes for users of all levels. Everything is customizable, too—don’t like your narrator’s voice? Choose from a list of options, or opt for some soothing music instead. Beyond relaxation exercises, Calm also offers a Mindful Eating series, which aims to cultivate healthy eating habits. While certainly ambitious, Calm has most definitely proved itself: it’s the #1 app for meditation and sleep, and it was chosen by Apple as one of the best apps of 2017. Keep Calm and download on with this relaxation app for anxiety!

best relaxation apps calm


Because, well, of course—no relaxation list is complete without this one. Founder Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, has created a remarkably genuine blend of timeless meditative teachings and the modern digital space, resulting in a feature-packed, ultra-sophisticated product. From guided meditations to anxiety-targeting “SOS” sessions, Headspace is sure to have something for everyone, even the most skeptical of users. The Basics pack, a ten-day foundational course, is free; the full library, containing hundreds of exercises, is available through paid subscription. There's a reason why so many people call it one of the best relaxation apps ever created—we believe it, too. More than one million subscribers have entered a whole new Headspace—will you?

headspace best relaxation apps

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