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Elevate: An App to Sharpen your Cognitive Skills

  Do you want to return to work feeling sharp and ready to perform at your best? Elevate is a brain training app that has …

Do you want to return to work feeling sharp and ready to perform at your best? Elevate is a brain training app that has  personalized daily exercises to help build the cognitive skills you need in order to bring your best self to the office. 

Elevate is a personal tutor that trains basic, everyday skills—except it’s always available and very affordable at $39.99 per year. The first step upon creating an account is to take a placement test to analyze a new student’s existing skills. This process creates a baseline and it’s how Elevate tracks personal improvement, but it’s also able to compare a user’s performance against the rest of the Elevate community. The placement test will assign starting scores within each of the app’s four main categories: Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Math. 

Each day, Elevate suggests between 3-5 training games to exercise a user’s brain. With 35+ different scientifically-backed training games to choose from, there will always be new and engaging ways to practice. By making Elevate a daily habit, users will see improvement through the app’s tracking and, more importantly, through cognitive performance in everyday life. Along with performance improvement, users gain confidence in their skills—an important byproduct of practice.

You might be asking, how much can this app really improve my cognitive skills? Elevate was designed in collaboration with experts and its effectiveness has been proven through an independent scientific study conducted in 2015. In the study, Elevate users improved their performance by 69% compared to non-Elevate users. 

But if science isn’t enough, just look at what the app’s users think about it. Elevate, Apple’s 2014 App of the Year, has a 4.8 rating in the Apple App store and a 4.5 rating in the Google Play store. Its community certainly believes that the training is helping

Sharpen your cognitive skills and return to work with a new edge by training with Elevate.

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