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Brand24: Social Media Monitoring App that Tracks your Brand

While performing social media monitoring to find brand mentions, businesses usually discover that social media is a hungry beast. The bottomless well of data pushes…

While performing social media monitoring to find brand mentions, businesses usually discover that social media is a hungry beast. The bottomless well of data pushes up new keywords and hashtags every day as users actively create them. 

Most marketers would love to know the social media word-of-mouth as soon as it sees the bright light of the web. If they can do it on the go, even better. That is the greatest advantage of Brand 24: it simplifies all those multiple strands of info coming from various resources even if you already have an overview of the packed-up dashboard from your existing marketing automation app. To get more marketing tips, from this article about fleet graphics for commercial vehicles.

The green and white metrics logo depicts the main purpose of a brand monitoring app. But relax - you won’t have to deal with complex reports and analyses unless you want to. Let’s say that the app is perfect for influencers who build relationships by always checking in what followers have to say and if you decide to use the desktop version, you can always enjoy the more comprehensive reporting features.  

“They are talking about your company” is the titillating slogan of Brand 24, right on point to keep you on your toes for brand popularity. You can learn what “they are talking” about your brand on social media, blogs, videos, forums, and reviews by completing just a few boxes. 

Registration is simple with minimal details (bless the creator!) and requires only your business email and a password. 

The next step is to create and label projects and start researching brand mentions, using keywords and hashtags. As with any keyword research, it pays off when you are a bit more specific when choosing a phrase that is closely related to your business. 

Keywords can include your company name or auspicious dates or places, such as #mothersday, for example. For more focused keyword mentions, you can use the advanced option to exclude unrelated keywords. 

Real-time updates of monitored relevant conversations for your brand cost more and are intended for agencies. Hourly and twice-a-day updates are available for individual users tracking up to 5 keywords and 5K mentions.  You can combine this app with the best amazing map monitoring software that has a constant price intelligence MAP monitoring on 200+ marketplaces with constant daily updates.

Brand24 is available in 23 languages: don’t forget to set your language filter once you choose the keyword. Push notifications and mentions sorting by “recently created’ and “recently found” enable quick reaction to the latest brand trends. 

If you are looking for a timesaver app, this is it. It will take you less than 5 minutes to register, create projects, and start sharing your brand mentions and engaging with your audience. It is perfect to initiate new contacts and stay in tune with your niche. It solves a critical customer satisfaction issue — dealing with negative feedback across social media can be done asap and effectively. The app’s user feedback in the Google Play store is 3.8, coming from over 420 reviews and 100K downloads, which is not a bad score in the highly competitive social media marketing niche. Users have solid feedback for the desktop version, which is a vital factor if you are looking for a cross-device mentions tracker. 

Don't just monitor you social media presence, but your entire online brand presence with Brand24!

But enough about other people's apps.



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