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Brickit Unlocks Hidden LEGO Potential

I’m not sure I ever expected an app would be able to take a photo of a pile of LEGO and spit out a list…

I’m not sure I ever expected an app would be able to take a photo of a pile of LEGO and spit out a list of possible creations but that is apparently the world we now live in. It impressively can inspire creativity, as well as a testament to how far the cameras on our handheld devices have come.

Growing up, countless hours of my childhood were consumed sitting cross-legged on the floor dreaming up new creations to build out of a pile of LEGO bricks. Sometimes, inspiration would strike and I’d have a clear image in my head of what I’d set out to create. Other times, I’d blank. If I’d had the Brickit app, I could just point the camera at a pile on the floor and it would surface a list of builds that could be accomplished with the bricks laid before me.

All relatively small builds, there are buildings, vehicles, characters, and more that Brickit will suggest. Once you choose your model, Brickit will walk you through how to assemble it — LEGO style. The instructions have the classic LEGO-look with a light background, blue boxes to highlight the requisite bricks, and concise direction.

Ever struggled to find your LEGO piece in the pile? Brickit will highlight it — or all comparable pieces — on your photo. If you don’t want your airplane to be red, change it in the app to be yellow bricks instead. When you’re done, snap a photo to share with your friends.

Not everything is perfect here. When a one-by-one stud is hiding under that tire rim the app can’t use X-rays to point it out, but it certainly can revive the love of these plastic building blocks. Get fresh ideas, find hiding bricks, and give yourself a needed break by relaxing while building a miniature boom box. Over time, this app will only get better as more and more builds are added. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

But enough about other people's apps.


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