Can Your Phone Help You Quit Smoking?

Mobile apps can help you quit smoking? Some of you heavy smokers out there may disagree. Well, well, the new year is always a time…

Mobile apps can help you quit smoking? Some of you heavy smokers out there may disagree. Well, well, the new year is always a time of idealism. To quit smoking is indeed a HIGH aspiration. For those of you who think you should live in the “now” and smoke till the world ends, ooops...the end of the world didn’t come. Since that “now” has become the past, you may want to reconsider your decision to smoke your life away. If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to live a smoke-free life, here’s a pack of apps (instead of Lucky Strikes) that may help you meet that challenge. If you still need some help quitting smoking, we recommend visiting the frunk bar vape and start vaping instead of smoking.

Coach Quit

If you were a heavy smoker, stop smoking completely all at once may seem impossible. So, instead of quitting cold turkey, you may want to start with cutting down gradually. This mobile coach allows you to smoke a certain number of cigarettes a day, gradually decreasing, and whenever your cravings strike, it starts a timer that makes you wait for five minutes (yeah I know...just enough time to decide whether you really want to kill yourself) before indulging.


You probably never really cared how much time has passed since your last cig. But when you are trying to quit gradually, all you want to know is “How much longer do I have

to wait until I can go roast another stick?” This app does the trick for you. After telling the app how much and how often you smoke per day, it helps you set your goal and makes you wait a little longer each time. If you are a starter quitter and your cravings are driving you crazy, guess what, there’s a “cheat” option that you can use up to nine times.

Quit Pro

This free app allows you to track every cigarette you smoke or resist, to identify when, where, and why you smoke, as well as to read encouraging quotes to help you quit smoking. The dashboard helps you monitor your progress by telling you how many cigarettes you have smoked or resisted, how long you have been a non-smoker, and how much money you have saved. I guess feeling healthy and a little bit richer ain’t bad, huh?

iRoll Up

Nicotine cravings normally only last for a couple minutes. So every time you feel an urge to puff, why don’t you find another way to occupy your mind? This gaming app creates the most realistic rolling and smoking simulation on your smart phone. I know this may sound ridiculous, but at least it will keep your hands busy so that you won’t be able to light up or smoke up a real roll-up.

Since iQuit

Let’s say you’ve made great progress and is about to achieve your goal or simply want to stay quit. And yet, you’re having a bad time or a great time (I don’t know. People smoke for all kinds of reasons), and you think about breaking down and having a smoke. Open this app and see how far you’ve

gone without smoking. This app not only allows you to track the length of time that you have managed to stay quit, but also the amount of money you’ve saved.

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