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Carrot Weather Continues To Give Weather a Makeover

  Ok eagle-eyed reader. Before you even start to say “Hold up! You already did Carrot Weather! This free, weekly, self-aware blog post is such…

carrot weather appOk eagle-eyed reader. Before you even start to say “Hold up! You already did Carrot Weather! This free, weekly, self-aware blog post is such a ripoff!,” let me explain. Carrot Weather’s cult- like following likely know that the titular weather app has received a major 5.0 upgrade that is certainly worth a revisit. As you’ll see, there is a reason why this app is insanely popular.

Carrot’s loving creator Brian Mueller pulled out all the stops here for version 5 that make it great for new users to explore as well as paying service to those who have already coughed up their hard-earned cash for previous versions. Mueller makes it clear up front that version 5 will be free for existing customers but also introduces a free tier for new users to try the app in a limited capacity before subscribing to the app.

carrot weather app screens

With this update comes a whole new look. It is still the cartoony and wonderfully animated app we’ve loved but it looks cleaner and more in line with the iOS and macOS ecosystems. That new design is accompanied by Interface Maker. This is a new way to completely customize the layout of the of the app to your liking. Change the styles of each component, change the positions, and add additional sections. Mueller is promising “millions” of additional configuration possibilities in future updates. This could be overwhelming but Carrot presents only a few configurations at a time, introducing a few at a time for the first few days after your update. You can skip this, but it is a novel way to introduce the functionality without scaring users away.

Once you have a preset you love — or a few you love — you can switch through them any time you like. If you struggle coming up with your own designs, Carrot has a few already created that you can rely on.

A big component of those interfaces are cards. Cards are a quick way to display information that would otherwise be buried within the app. Pollen count, moon phase, pressure, are all of the more than a dozen cards that are shown in the new interface. These cards are AI-driven and will populate the most relevant cards when necessary.

There’s a ton of other goodness baked-in too. New quick actions for common tasks like switching data sources or location, a pile of new achievements, oodles of other app icons, and over 2,000 additional lines of dialogue. This truly is a massive update.

When Carrot Weather first hit the App Store, I never knew how much a developer could do with such a single-minded app. But Brian Mueller has spent years developing a full featured, well- designed, hilarious, great-looking weather app. Carrot Weather is certainly on its way of taking over the world.

But enough about other people's apps.


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