Urban areas such as New York City are filled with a breadth of opportunities, but, even with the Internet, they’re not necessarily easy to find. Classtivity, in response, has created a website that allows users to book classes based on location, time, and type of activity, thereby bringing the ability to easily live an active lifestyle to just a click away. There are currently 8,000 venues listed in New York City that offer classes ranging from yoga to kickboxing and martial arts, as well as cooking, arts and crafts, and music.

Founder and CEO Payal Kadakia saw a need for a service that paired classes being offered in local area to consumers looking to take the lessons at a particular time or for a particular price without the hassle of searching for it online. Out came Classtivity, which, at its core, provides basic information about classes, such as time, location, and cost, but also ratings and reviews on the classes that are offered, email schedule reminders, calendar applications, and text updates. Additionally, teacher profiles enable users to see the credentials of their teachers before they go to their desired classes.

Although there is currently only a private New York City beta version, Kadakia plans to expand  to Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year. With the capability of offering up to half a million classes nationally per month, Kadakia believes that the startup is easy enough to implement that there will be a growth in popularity in a short period of time.

To gather revenue, Classtivity takes a percentage of every transaction made through the website. Users will be able to book various classes through Classtivity, which adds to its focus on convenience and ease. Although all classes advertised through the website are not bookable online, the revenue model will become more lucrative once gyms and other institutions see the potential growth of their client base through Classtivity’s services.

To keep followers up to date, Classtivity took a content strategy approach funneled through its blog, which actively introduces interesting classes and talented teachers in the New York City Community. Ranging from sports classes for children, to entertaining dance lessons for adults, Classtivity can keep an entire family active and motivated.

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