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Create Your Own Cocktail Library With Highball

Highball is a cocktail library app that allows you to create, save, and share your personal recipes. See what mixes you come up with!

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Spring is officially hitting the streets! It’s time to trade below-freezing temperatures for warm breezy nights— and what better way is there to celebrate than to host a post-hibernation cocktail party?

Studio Neat is a wildly creative two-man team that Wired refers to as the “Kickstarter Kings.” Thanks to the power of crowdfunding, they were able to brainstorm the best products for their customers to use. After launching tons of cool tools like a simple syrup maker and a neat ice kit, they decided to bring you an app that lets users create an archive of their own cocktail concoctions.

Highball is a cocktail library app that allows you to create, save, and share your personal recipes. To begin a new recipe, simply insert your ingredients and jazz it up with a description. And after deciding on a custom graphic to put a face to your cocktail, you’re free to share it as a digital card for all your friends to enjoy.

With Highball’s palette of endless combinations, you can manufacture a cocktail that suits any future occasion. Personalize the graphic to best fit the real-life appearance of your drink— choose your glass from a list of vessels, generate the unique color of your drink, and finish it off with a topping of huge, cubed, or crushed ice. Grow your collection and see what mixes you come up with!

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Highball has been featured as a favorite by Techcrunch and CultofMac and was ranked on Supercall’s list for Best Bartender Apps. The app is completely free, but you can pay “tips” that range from “generous, benevolent, and bounteous” for additional app purchases.

Whether you want to coordinate a friendly get-together or impress your colleagues during happy hour, this app will fulfill all your spirit mixing dreams. Download Hightail and feed your inner cocktail extraordinaire!

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