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CodeCademy Just Made My Computer Programming Course Obsolete

CodeCademy Just Made My Computer Programming College Course Obsolete

For years, computer programming and coding has been a mystery to average internet users. They might have loved the Internet for all of its great uses, but the making of it has been mystifying. It’s been reserved for uber-nerds with big glasses that use dots and dashes and indecipherable codes to put together that site showing all of the furry kitties. Only they knew the magical combinations, and they kept them from everyone else. It would supposedly take years of education and hard work to be able to crack these codes. CodeCademy, a startup that was a part of the recent class at Y Combinator, is simplifying the way data is coded on the Internet, and they’re even making it fun.

With their easy to use site, users can start writing code right on the homepage of the company, with guided instruction. It’s all in simple English, so even the most tech-averse person could follow what’s happening. The site is free to use, but requires a registration after the first few lessons. A list of courses is also shown on the site.  CodeCademy is also interactive, so progress made on the site can be shared with friends.  Users can track who else is using it, and see who’s coding better. Users can also earn badges by completing levels, and it’s all stored in a profile after registering.


CodeCademy is breaking something extremely intimidating into layman’s terms. If you're currently under any programming courses, it might be best to learn details like a data analyst career progression.

All of the different parentheses, numbers, punctuations and odd words in the image at the top can be terrifying for non-coders. By speaking to users like human beings instead of coded robots, CodeCademy is doing everyone a huge service. And adding elements of competition, social networking and gaming just makes it better, to start using or learning more from it get your own computer from this refurbished laptop catalog. This startup is making the scary looking world of Internet coding manageable for everyone. Even without the nerd glasses.

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