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Could NYC be the the Biggest Tech Hub?

The New York Tech Meetup is making strides towards making New York City the absolute best city in the world for tech. They have internally…

The New York Tech Meetup is making strides towards making New York City the absolute best city in the world for tech. They have internally crafted a list of goals, and now they are sharing them and bringing awareness to some tech-heavy policies. The NYC tech community is aspiring to shape the island of Manhattan into the tech hub of the world by laying out a proposal of potential changes that could and should be enforced.

Later this year, city wide elections will take place for the mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough presidents and city council seats. The results of the NYTM will be presented to the candidates running for office and hopefully have an impact on them. If you want to check out the complete list of issues that they have already come up with, you can visit their blog and learn more.

Of the list, there are two bullet points in particular that caught our attention here at Fueled. The first aims to “Make New York City the clear choice for entrepreneurs, software engineers, and other technically skilled professionals to start a business and build a career by making it easy to find partners, financing, office space and housing, employees, and access to markets.” Since we deal with all components of the above statement, it’s obvious that we’d be advocates for such a plan. The growing number of startup incubators and co-working spaces that have started in New York are the perfect jumping off point to fulfill the above point.

The latter point is to “Make New York City the most citizen-connected community on earth, where its people connect with each other to unleash a powerful 21st century economy: selling to each other, renting to each other, funding each other, sharing with each other, coworking with each other, meeting up with each other, and hiring each other.”

Even though Mayor Bloomberg may not be our mayor here in NYC for much longer, hopefully we will acquire another force who is equally invested in the rise of technology. It is safe to say that our future heavily lies in the hands of technology. Our way of life has already been affected greatly and will continue to change as more innovative projects arise. Since we rely so heavily on technology and gadgets, more and more jobs are in this field. NYTM makes it a point that everybody in the city has access to tech and that the children of the city are introduced to it at a young age. The plan is to shape everybody, of all ages, and to shape the city that it is the tech capital of the world.

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