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Creepypasta Will Give You Chills

I’m not a big “horror” fan by any means, skipping the usual fright fest that spins up every fall. I haven’t seen almost any scary…

I’m not a big “horror” fan by any means, skipping the usual fright fest that spins up every fall. I haven’t seen almost any scary movies, but do love a good thriller. Creepypasta gives you a bit of that horror or thriller fix in text form, wherever you are.

The app, emblazoned with a snarling pumpkin on a blue/green background, is home to thousands of short stories that will keep you coming back for more. All stories are available offline so you won’t need to waste any cellular data while reading on the go. There are long stories to keep you enthralled for long periods of time and Micropastas, which are only two sentences long.

For such a simple reading app, Creepypasta is quite well designed. It’s a largely two-toned app, with a greyscale background and a slightly later grey for the menu bar and navigation. The accent color is the same blue/green hue that matches the icon and reminds me of those blue/ green pumpkins. The app shuns images, instead focusing all on the text which works well as it cuts out distractions and submerges you deeper into the storytelling.

You can search through the stories with the universal search bar or you can scroll through the list. They’re also broken into categories for easier discovery. If you don’t want to read, there’s built in audio narration with speed adjustments.

As you read, stories can be marked as finished to help you keep track of where you are in the 14000+ pieces. There’s a dedicated stats tab to show you how many stories you’ve read and how long you’ve spent in the app.

There’s several native iOS features to tout with this app, which I was frankly surprised by. There’s clearly a good amount of thought and development that went into this app. It supports system-wide dark mode, which is even better when you’re reading a spooky tale. It’s a single universal app that works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. On Apple Watch, you can actually read stories from your wrist. While they are shorter stores, it’s great for those little fixes. Back on iPhone and iPad, there is an iMessage extension. You can look up stories and share them directly from the Messages app. Finally, the app supports widgets. Widgets can show MIcropastas that you can read in just a moment from your Home Screen without opening the app.

We’re here in spooky season and while movies get most of the attention, Creepypasta is an easy way to get that fix wherever you are.

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