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Experience Your Next Vacation Like a Local with Culture Trip

Culture Trip is a travel app that helps you avoid the over-crowded, expensive tourist traps, and lets you experience your vacation more like a true…

iOS preview of Culture Trip

Tired of breaking the bank when you fall into the expensive and impersonal tourist traps on vacation? When you travel, do you want to live like a local? This Summer, use the travel app Culture Trip to help explore your vacation destination.

Culture Trip first came into fruition when founder Kris Naudst grew tired of the many dull, touristy travel sites that inhabited the web. In 2011, Naudts ditched psychiatry and introduced Culture Trip to fulfill millennials’ desire for authentic travel experiences. After an overwhelmingly positive response from his user base, he then launched the Culture Trip app so Android and iOS users could explore the more local parts of their destinations on the go.

Culture Trip is a global startup that tells unique, location-centered stories about culture, people, and entertainment from destinations all over the world. With content creators covering over 200 locations, users can read articles and watch videos from an authentic perspective. This travel app helps you avoid the over-crowded, expensive tourist traps, and lets you experience your vacation more like a true local.

If you find an article with great ideas for your trip, you can bookmark it, create an itinerary based off of it, and even access it offline. Culture Trip allows you to filter content based on Food & Drink, Places to Stay (that’s right, you can book hotels within the app), Music, and so much more. Didn’t get a chance to explore articles before your trip? No worries: the Culture Trip app can use your current location to show you relevant content while you’re out exploring and even pull up a map to show you what’s nearby.

screenshots of Culture Trip travel app

Forbes describes Culture Trip as “Conde Nast Traveler, but inclusive of younger audiences” that doesn’t prioritize luxury. Similarly, Culture Trip was also featured as the App of the Day by Apple as a “whip-smart hybrid of magazine and travel site.” Start saving your money now; Culture Trip offers you local tips AND the best part is, it’s free.

Download Culture Trip now to start planning your next vacation— both authentically and cost-efficiently!

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