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Are Daily Deal Websites Just Desperate Marketing?

With the growing popularity of discount sites such as Groupons (a site that offers discounts for local markets, contingent on a certain amount of people…

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With the growing popularity of discount sites such as Groupons (a site that offers discounts for local markets, contingent on a certain amount of people purchasing the discount) Facebook Places and Foursquare Deals, there have been discussions whether or not this is a desperate attempt at marketing.

I believe that if a marketing campaign is working, and not a disturbance, it should not be considered desperate but effective. In my mind desperate attempts of marketing is telemarketers, spammers, and urinal advertisements (yet wildly amusing). Google’s acquisition of Groupon and their $500 million in revenue last year speaks for itself, not to mention the company is under 3 years old. (

There are a few downsides of these sites that come into my mind though. They delay me leaving my house quite often because I want to insure that I do not miss out on any great savings. This problem is easily alleviated by the Groupon mobile app. Another downside to these, since the release of the Real Housewives, My Super Sweet 16 and other quality reality shows that sport rich people living it large, is a matter of pride. If you can muster up the courage to swallow your pride in a time of recession then you will too will love these sites.

Mae Karwowski questioning the effectiveness of "Groupon Marketing"

Why Groupon Marketing Works

"Smaller businesses do not have the same pool of resources as large corporations and can not reach the same clientele. These discount sites allow smaller businesses to reach a larger market then a “traditional” marketing campaign can." says Ilan Nass of Taktical.  I quite often find new places to eat and shop through these websites. I usually go because they offer some great deal that i can’t refuse and end up spending more then I intended to. Sometimes, I even become a reoccurring customer, but with out these discount sites the small businesses would never have been able to reach me (as I am sure is the case with many other people).

These websites offer great savings and help people find out new great places that they would not normally find, but the enticing deals offered drags them in. I know that I use multiple coupons or deals offered from these websites every week and rarely leave my house without a coupon, and better yet, find new places! So please continue what you are doing. Show me new restaurants and stores. Create new mobile apps. Send me more savings.

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