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Denim is Simple with a Purpose

Oh, how I love music. I really do and my wife’s deep bond to the classics has just helped that grow. I can’t count how…

denim appOh, how I love music. I really do and my wife’s deep bond to the classics has just helped that grow. I can’t count how many custom playlists I’ve created in the Music app for pretty much every occasion. Road trip tunes, workout blast, morning routine, chill vibes, psych up hits, reception playlist, and yeah — a lot more. Denim is a new app with a simple job to do: help you create custom icons for all of your personal playlists.

Comprised of three collections with several categories and more than 60 base pieces of artwork, Denim has a large availability of artwork for you to start with. Choose any of the provided artwork from within Denim, overlay your text, and *boom,* you have your latest playlist cover.

After downloading the app, some artwork is available for free but the bulk is tied to a low-cost in-app purchase. There are soft gradients, classic looks, swirls, images, and more to choose between. The developer also pledges to continue to add additional artwork via updates as well.

denim app screens

These custom album covers don’t just show on your iPhone, they sync via Apple Music. Which many anywhere you listen to your music, these covers show. Your Apple Watch, your CarPlay interface, your iPad, your Mac, and even your Apple TV. I use this with Apple Music for Spotify users, you can use Denim as well.

Developer Ashwin Srihari has done a swell job focusing on the styling of iOS apps, which is important as a design app such as this. Using the app looks almost similar to Apple’s Music app. Looking at workweeks you have small album art-like rounded squares with the collections with categories below that look similar to Apple Music categories and playlists. This is brilliant as it is an easy way to see how your music can look.

This app is oh so simple but has such a great purpose. I hate the static, stock images for personalized playlists but I'm not about to try to create my own in Pixelmator each time I spin up a playlist. Ashwin took a common problem, created an elegant solution to solve it, and priced it low enough to make it an easy impulse purchase for any design-loving music fan.

But enough about other people's apps.


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