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How to Develop and Market an Apple Watch App

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Apple has been the driving force behind many head-turning innovations since the turn of the millennium. The iPod revolutionized the way we listen to music. The iPhone incorporated the beauty of variety onto one device. The iPad maximized content and functionality on the larger screen of the tablet. And now this. The Apple Watch is the source of all the current buzz in the tech market. As we watch smartphones get bulkier, the Apple Watch is almost counterintuitive to the pattern of increasing physical dimensions in Apple products, a trend that we have grown accustomed to over the years. But rationally, a watch is a watch, not a desktop computer, and what you strap on should feel like an affirming pat on the arm rather than a slap on the wrist. Don’t let the petite dimensions of the new product fool you. This little device embodies the integration and simplicity that many larger cousins envy. As a developer, it would be logical to build on the Apple Watch launch pad. You want a slice of the glory, but where do you start carving the pie?

Brainstorming Your Apple Watch App Idea

Already have an idea for the next great app? Before you revel in fantasies of its monumental success, you must first organize your thoughts and decide what category it fits into. By categorizing your app, you are keeping a mental footnote for its practical purposes and usage should it move to the next stage of planning. Here are four prominent categories that will simplify your mobile app design process:

  •     Productivity Tools - These calcify the backbone of app categories and embody the digital tools that help people accomplish more each day. These apps include schedules, calendars, alarms, progress trackers, finance apps, and other tools that help you get organized and get ahead of things. With such limited screen space, it’s important to create a clean interface because too much data could make it too difficult to read and utilize the app properly.
  •     Communication/ Social Media Utilities - Think you can create an app that would make texting and calling quicker and cleaner on the Apple Watch? Communication tools are always being updated to replace or enhance traditional communication and successful ones have made enormous amounts of money.
  •     Health and Fitness Apps - This is the fastest growing category in both the Google Play and Apple App Store. Keep this in mind when brainstorming app ideas because the Apple Watch can be used as a wearable fitness device. This type of technology is relatively new and unrefined when compared to some of the other tools available for download. Many app developers are taking advantage and committing their resources to create the most effective app for health freaks and fitness preachers, exploring bio-sensory and GPS technology to forge the most informative and accurate exercise companion.
  •     Games  - Looking at the aforementioned apps, this category might come across as silly and naive, brushing them under the rug as time wasting, leisure programs that requires the least amount of effort to assemble. This is could not be any further from the truth because it takes great skill, precision, and money to develop a game. Everything has to adapt to the touch of the human finger, and the fact that it is all crammed onto a small screen doesn’t make it any easier.

Beginning the Development Process

If you already develop apps for the iPhone, you most likely have logged into the Apple developer page. If not, become a member to gain access to the developer tools.

To develop for Apple Watch though, you'll need to download the additional Apple Watch Kit to configure apps for the new device, and it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of the new bio-sensory features.

A Note on Aesthetics for the Apple Watch

In stark contrast to its predecessor, the Apple Watch is not a tablet. It has the smallest screen size of any smart device. When developing it is important to consider that you are working with limited screen space. For that, you have two options for your app. You can keep it at its default small frame, or you can make use of the scrolling feature to enlarge visuals.

Be sure to keep notifications short and sweet so they retain their hassle free effectiveness. When developing Apple Watch apps, keep in mind that it’s best to keep consumers away from unnecessary alerts and messages whenever possible and that it’s supposed to simplify the smartphone experience.

The Apple Watch is available in two different sizes and a decent variety of bands. When developing apps, it would be wise to offer a variety of themes for your app that match the available watch bands. We often try to match with the outfits we wear or sport customizables of the same brand when we go out. For the same reason, matching app themes with watch bands not only show off style to others around us, but it reminds us of the devotion we have towards our gear and makes us feel like we’re a part of something bigger.

Tick of the Watch, Click of Mouse
Gathering your Resources

Utilizing the New Features of the Apple Watch

One feature many developers and marketers overlook is Apple Watch’s bio-sensory capabilities. While companies and individuals in the health and fitness niches have been using this to great effect for exercise apps, its features can also be used to track sleep habit, current readings of vitals, diet, and more.

These features can also be utilized for meditation apps, location or movement trackers that can be plugged in to social media, and more. Likewise, some developers choose to utilize these advanced features in making games and toys. The latter would register bio-information to make a character move with each heartbeat, or track movement in an AR type simulation. There is a lot of creative potential behind this feature and good use of it could make your app stand out from the crowd.

Finally, Marketing Your App

Lastly, it's time to start selling the app you created. You are going to want to set up an attractive page in the iTunes store, publicizing your categories and tags for search, and establishing a website for your app that is accessible via mobile, but particularly for the Apple Watch.

Let your potential customers know what special features you included that take advantage of the Apple Watch’s unique hardware. Include photos and screenshots of your app working at its best. There are many ways to market your app; some methods will be very expensive and others could be free. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what method will be most effective because every product, service, or app requires a different marketing strategy.

Looking for More Tips, Tricks, and Info about Developing for the Apple Watch?

Be sure to explore our website today for more helpful tutorial, guides, and discussions to help you develop the next top app. Opportunities are all around us, you just have to have the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to move forward with them.

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