Doo. Cloud Storage for Your Cloud Storage

This is one of those products you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Cloud storage services have  developed a lot during these last…

This is one of those products you didn't know you needed until you saw it.

Cloud storage services have  developed a lot during these last few years. Internet users more and more often send their documents to the cloud either to protect them or to synchronize them easily from one computer to another.  Many users have multiple cloud services that they user regularly (Dropbox,, Google Drive, Apple iCloud...).  The drawback, ironically, is we often tend to scatter our files about these different cloud services. Enter Doo. It is cloud storage for cloud storage and it lets you synchronize all your cloud services under one roof. If you just realized that you're fed up juggling between your Dropbox, your Drive or, then Doo is made for you.

At the end of 2011, Doo closed its first significant  funding round of $6.8 million. After 2 years of Beta, the startup finally launched its final version, with a lot of new features and interesting changes.


After the installation, Doo asks you to select the files which can communicate with the tool and thus which will appear. If you have Dropbox or Google Drive on your computer, you will see their files in the list. Doo does not need to reach your Dropbox or your Google Drive account to get your files, it leans only on their local files. In addition, you are perfectly free to add other files if you want, including files which are not necessarily synchronized with any of your storage solutions.

We think Doo's interface is pretty clean and easy to use. On the left, there is a side bar which includes several sections:

- Library: This section allows you to investigate your personal library, and thus all the files in all your directories.
- Storage Locations: In this place you will find all the files indexed by Doo, where ever they are.
- Workspaces: This system of virtual directories allows you to gather files without having to move them physically on your hard disk. By default, you will find workspaces dedicated to family, business, entertainment and so on but you will have, of course, the option of creating new ones if you wish.
- Quick Access: This section is offers you another way of navigating within your files by allowing you to search your documents by tags. It automatically extracts relevant information from each document – like company names, document types, file formats, people, places, sources, dates – and uses it to generate intelligent tags, which then help users find any document very fast.

On the top, you will find a search engine which allows you to quickly get your hands on a misplaced document. The engine comes along with a lot of options to filter files according to several criteria as the type of  the file, the date of creation and so on.

Doo offers many options to find what you are looking for.

It probably didn't even occur to most of you how scattered your files on the cloud are.

The final version of Doo is very complete and very pleasant to use. Doo is also totally free. The only thing which requires a subscription is the solution of proposed synchronization, the aptly named "Doo Cloud". All your documents are sent on the servers of the startups in order to have a copy of them.
Grab your version here.

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