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Revisit Algebra with Duolingo Math

I had used Duolingo for a while, trying to brush up on my Spanish. Now, I’ve been using its sister app to brush up on…

I had used Duolingo for a while, trying to brush up on my Spanish. Now, I’ve been using its sister app to brush up on my math skills. Duolingo Math brings an easy-to-use visual approach to learning math with a a multitude of unique input methods and puzzles. The app feels more like a fun brain teaser app rather than schoolwork.

There’s a large built-in audience for Duolingo Math. I believe what made the original Duolingo app as popular as it was its unique design and gamification. More on the latter in a moment. Duolingo is bright, colorful, with a clean modern look. There are no drop shadows or gradients but tons of original artwork throughout the app. The app’s primary colors come through of blue and green with achievements highlighted in gold. The color choices match the icon and the brand’s iconic bird mascot that make the app feel part of the Duolingo family. The colors are also on the pastel side, again keeping things on the modern side of design.

Something about Duolingo Math just makes it fun. It doesn’t give you questions and ask you to type out an answer after you’ve solved it, but rather comes up with unique ways for you to see the problem and the answer. On some questions, you can use your finger to write out the answer with automatic character recognition of the numbers you draw. Others you drag and drop parts of an equation around, some act as a matching game. These all feel natural and designed for a mobile touch screen.

Bolstering Duolingo Math’s fun design and engaging interaction methods is a healthy dose of gamification. It’s what keeps users coming back day after day to further their progress. This is done a few different ways, including what is outlined above. Matching pieces and dragging things around just feels like a game instead of homework. You also get rewarded as you progress through the app. The further you go, the more questions you answer, the more achievements you unlock. You also unlock different modes as you go, including a fast-paced speed round. It even has streaks built in to reward you for continuously playing.

I love little puzzles. I’m a big fan of Worldly, Connections, Spelling Bee, and other quick bite games that I can jump into each day that are fun and challenge my mind. Some of Duolingo Math is a little rudimentary but that’s why I’ve played as long as I have to unlock higher levels and higher degrees of mathematics. After trying Duolingo’s other apps, I was all-in on the math iteration too.

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