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Meet Wonderscope: Your Child’s AR Reading Companion

What if we told you there’s an AR app for education that can make screen time a more productive and educational experience? Find out more…

Wonderscope AR app

If you’re someone who anticipates an eerily technology-saturated future straight out of Black Mirror, today’s App of the Week might put those worries to rest.

Ever since smart devices became everyday staples, screen time has consistently been an issue for all age groups. There’s no denying that too much technology is harmful to children and adults alike. But what if we told you there’s an AR app for education that can possibly shift this narrative, making screen time a more productive and educational experience?

Within is a company known for its rich AR/VR storytelling background. They upload a variety of VR-driven stories that range from thrilling shark documentaries to zombie fighting scenes from the Walking Dead— so it’s no surprise that these creative geniuses wanted to extend their AR/VR platform to their younger audiences.

Wonderscope is an educational AR app that teaches children to read through a fun, immersive augmented reality. Regardless of your location, Wonderscope utilizes your space to bring the adventure directly to you. Marvel at the cartoonish trees and clouds or watch an elderly lady take off on a bi-plane, all from the comfort of your screen!

You can aid a ringmaster by preparing him for his next circus, follow three people as they share their historic stunts or even accompany Little Red Riding Hood through a dangerous forest. Wonderscope encourages you to saturate yourself with all of its AR capabilities by using your own voice and movement. In order to interact with the environment, you must read your lines out loud and even occasionally help find items that the characters need.

Wonderscope AR App

We’re not the only ones who are fascinated by this app— Wonderscope has been reviewed by Vogue, Variety, and Fast Company, and is #19 in the top charts for Books. And although their library is limited to only three stories (priced at $4.99 each), they are in the process of publishing more for you (or your little one!) to enjoy.

AR & VR apps will continue to evolve for years to come, and Wonderscope is just beginning its journey. Whether you’re a parent wanting to incorporate some reading into your child’s screen time or an adult who is curious about the latest AR graphics, we recommend you download this app now!

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