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Epocrates — Identify That Unknown Pill

I’ve covered some reference apps in the past and while you don’t need them often, they can be quite helpful. I know I’ve touched on…

I’ve covered some reference apps in the past and while you don’t need them often, they can be quite helpful. I know I’ve touched on first aid apps — both for humans and pets — as well as ones for plants. Epocrates is in a similar vein, helping users identify pills as well as related medical information.

Using the Epocrates app, anyone can figure out what a mystery pill is. The app can identify pills based on shape, size, color, imprint code, and other variables. Just input the information you have into the app and Epocrates will tell you what you’re holding and what it’s used for.

It also is useful for identifying harmful interactions between medications. You are able to compare up to 30 medications at once from various brands and producers at a time to see if there are any issues. This is great for your own peace of mind, as well as if looking out for others.

Other information includes common adverse reactions, whether they should be taken during pregnancy, pediatric dosing, contraindications for when the wrong medicine is prescribed, and more. This is a ton of information to find in one place. It can be overwhelming, which is why I love the app’s home tab.

All functionality is broken down to individual tools. I can just jump in and use the dosage calculator. Or perhaps identify a pill. I can check on the possible medicine interactions, alternative medicines, or usage guidelines. These can be rearranged by dragging and dropping the tools you need nearest to the top.

This app is so powerful, that all of that functionality is available for free. Epocrates is only paid if you want the professional-level features. The ones a pharmacist or doctor may need. With the IAP, you can view other monographs, read peer-reviews disease content, and check labs and ICD-10 codes. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what that last one is.

Epocrates is a fantastic app to download. One that provides helpful, reliable information that people can use but offering professional-quality content for a fee. There are no ads and the app is well-designed for both iPhone and iPad. It relies heavily on glyphs atop a clean interface that reminds me of a sterile environment.

I don’t check pills often, I know what I take and what they look like, but for those times when you need to take more medication or want to double-check something, Epocrates is where I turn.

But enough about other people's apps.


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