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Facebook is Most Popular in…Cyprus?

Since Facebook’s inception, the United States has had a larger user base than all other countries. This year, that hasn’t changed, as the US still has over three times more Facebook users than any other country. But Facebook is growing rapidly abroad. Of the 712 million Facebook users in the world, only slightly more than 20-percent of them live in the US. In fact, when looking the percentages of Facebook users in different countries relative to their populations, the US has been beaten by a few nations.

According to a recent study by Pingdom, Cyprus has the highest percentage of Facebook users in its entire population, with 69-percent of people using the service. Hong Kong comes in a distant second, with a 53-percent mark. But Chile, coming in third at 52-percent, is strongest when looking at the percentage of Facebook users relative to the overall population. Among those people, a staggering 117-percent have Facebook accounts (going over 100-percent means that some people must have multiple accounts, with one possibly for business). Cyprus came in second in this stat, with 95-percent.

The United States came in seventh place in Facebook users for the population, trailing Singapore, Norway, and Denmark, as well as the aforementioned countries. 50-percent of all Americans have Facebook accounts, while 64-percent of Internet users have it. With some simple cross-multiplying, that would mean that 21.875-percent of Americans don’t use the Internet, which seems like a fairly high number.

The country that showed the most growth in 2011 was Brazil, with a 327-percent growth in users this year. India and China remain the areas of the world with the most room for Facebook growth. Despite increasing by 162-percent this year, only 3.4-percent of Indians use Facebook, a number that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are sure to want to improve. China’s government, of course, has blocked Facebook from its citizens for years. Despite the government’s tries, 530,000 Facebook accounts have been created from China, by citizens that have gotten around the restriction attempts.

The US is still the dominant Facebook country in the world. It makes sense; it started here, so it’s had the longest amount of time to make its mark on this country. But the rest of the world is quickly getting up to speed. The social network is becoming almost completely global.

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