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Fridge No More Offers Endless Free Deliveries

That’s it. I’m moving to New York. I mean, not really but this new app makes me really want to. I know it sounds silly…

fridge no more app

That’s it. I’m moving to New York. I mean, not really but this new app makes me really want to. I know it sounds silly but I’m very much over grocery shopping in general but also over the insane fees that stack up with typical delivery services. Fridge No More switches up the game by offering completely free delivery. No delivery cost, no hidden fees. And those grocery prices are about what you’d expect to pay going to the store in the first place. Sign. Me. Up. Too bad its delivery radius is currently only in NYC.

This is how the economics work. Fridge No More opens up brick and mortar “supermarkets” that are solely used for delivery. They offer no retail storefront or foot traffic. Which means many of the costs associated with a traditional grocery store are forgone. No need for cashiers or self-service registers, no displays or decorations, and more. By not having those costs and the margins on the products themselves it’s able to still deliver within one mile of its physical stores for free within 15 minutes.

Instacart and others aren’t buying the produce themselves, but charge you for the delivery service. Fridge No More cuts out that middle man for lower cost, faster deliveries, and a much better experience.

fridge no more app screens
The app is extremely well laid out in a simple, clear way that highlights all the prices and gives you a clear photo of each grocery item. Item prices are bold with a large “+” button to add them to cart quickly and easily.

All items are divided into their natural categories — dairy, vegetables, snacks, ice cream, etc — with some of the best line icons I’ve ever seen. Sleek as heck. Fridge No More also has a “for you” section with product recommendations. This is great to see items that you likely would purchase as well as perhaps recent sales.

Upon checkout, you have what looks like a typical grocery store receipt with all the items you ordered, their individual prices, little pics of those items, and your delivery time. It even highlights that $0.00 delivery fee. By the way, that means you could order something as small as a single banana and a person will run it to your door within 15 minutes for free. Is that not incredible?

Of course Fridge No More supports many native iOS features — including Apple Pay. So when you’re getting ready to cook, pop open the app, tap what you need, and check out with Apple Pay in seconds and have your food delivered in minutes. Literally almost no need for a fridge..! I honestly would probably get hooked on this. Maybe it’s better I don’t live in New York...

But enough about other people's apps.


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