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Fueled Pitstop: Our Favorite Links of the Week

At Fueled, we’re all about sharing articles. Emilie Futterman curates a list of our favorite links and laughs.

At Fueled, we’re all about sharing articles, discovering new apps, and laughing together at the latest internet stunt or spoof. Every week, Emilie Futterman—Fueled’s resident French speaker, product manager, and Renaissance woman— curates a list of our favorite links and laughs.

Ice Cream

Blue Bottle Bar Gelato - This is everything, especially when it's already 90 degrees at 8:00am.


The Font of the Future - Google is intent on creating a typeface that works well on any device, in any use case.

Line Dynamics

Why the Other Line is Always Faster - A look into why it’s so difficult to accurately predict which line is the quickest, and the math behind making the right choice.


Long form

New Yorker - In the words of my good friend Cyana, “A pretty elitist publication that supports pretty good journalism is temporarily giving access to us plebeians.” Go forth and Pocket!

Kim Kardashian

Why the Kim Kardashian is Legitimately Good - The game is making millions, so put aside your biases and pay attention.

Social Media

What I Instagrammed vs What Was Really Happening - Instagram and Facebook are psychological death traps for teenagers. They highlight curated moments of people’s lives instead of the nitty gritty normal details.


Timehop  - For someone with a few years of their life documented on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc, it’s really fun to open up Timehop and see what I was doing on the same day last year. Highly recommended.

App Trend

Text App - Another app that’s purely text notifications. I’m a fan of this trend, which leverages the lock screen to simplify direct communication.



Frequent Habits and Customer Satisfaction - Interesting quick read for anyone creating products that will succeed once users fold it into their regular activity.


Surfing the ends of the Earth - Surfing in the artic. Just mindblowing to watch.


Phhhoto - Everyone knows I love GIFs! This is, in short, a social image sharing network of GIFs. Instagram meets Vine. Created by my friends at HYPER HYPER Come find me, my username is Emilie. #earlyadopterperk

What we're working on...


Here's some art deco inspired icons we've been working on for a new travel app. Want to see more? Check out Fueled's Dribble page.

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