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Fueled Produces JackThreads Mobile App for Fashion Flash Sales

Fueled is proud to announce the release of the first mobile app for JackThreads, the Thrillist-owned members-only online shopping club.

JackThreads curates top-tier street, skate, surf, and contemporary men's fashion brands, and, as such, Fueled has designed an iPhone and Android app with particular attention to taste and design. The JackThreads app provides users all the functionality of, where shoppers can browse deals released at noon each day - at up to 80% off.

From the likes of TechCrunch and others, the app has quickly earned praise for its high design and functionality, which collectively aim to redefine the rapidly growing mobile retail space. The app provides instant access - circumventing the wait for membership approval - along with highly customizable browsing and personalized shopping. The images are sharp, as are the navigational elements and OpenGL animations, which allow shoppers all the necessary functions of the web: browsing, buying, adjust sizes and shades, all the way through checking out.

Included in the app will be push notifications and "nightlife sales" for that after-hours shopping experience, as well as perks for existing members, like $10 credits for inviting friends who make purchases. Most importantly, though, it allows users early awareness of and access to sales that pass quickly and forever - a testament to the exclusivity of the products.

Fueled, building off past smartphone apps development experience with retailers like Gilt Groupe, aimed to create an app that attests to the quality of the service and content of JackThreads: stylish, forward-thinking, and sophisticated. Download it now, for free, in the App Store and Android Market.

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