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Fueled’s Ultimate Gift Guide 2013

We're tired of the PR agency driven wish lists that highlight the same tech products over and over again. So, the Fueled Team decided to…


We're tired of the PR agency driven wish lists that highlight the same tech products over and over again. So, the Fueled Team decided to make our own this year. It is with great pleasure that we present: Fueled's Ultimate Gift Guide 2013.


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Now we might be a little bias- the Karma team does work with us in the Fueled Collective- but we truly love the pay-as-you-go 4G wireless hotspot, Karma. Laptops, phones and tablets effortlessly connect and the hotspot itself is pocket sized so, it's easy to pack and carry.



We've supported Pebble since its Kickstarter days and we're so excited to see that it is finally here! The customizable smartwatch connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It boasts some fantastic capabilities and an open SDK for those interested in creating their own apps for Pebble. We can't imagine any geek on our list who wouldn't appreciate one.


Nest has reinvented the smoke alarm. When the company first launched its website, Fueled Director Ryan Matzner promised he'd by at least eight of them. Nest is different. The sensor connects to a beautiful mobile app to tell you when it's low on battery or something is remiss. We're obsessed and we're sure it would be a great gift for anyone, even if the premise is a bit lame. Buy one (or eight) here.


G-Project is a company that makes some seriously rugged speakers and accessories for tablets and smartphones. Our favorite is the G-BOOM, a $100 Bluetooth boombox. While were skeptical at first --  we love the nice speakers that sit comfortably in our own apartment -- the portable and super durable sound system is wicked. Sound travels far and wide and the Bluetooth connection is strong. We're taking ours to the Rockaways this summer.

Mophie Case


We annihilate the battery life on our phones, regardless of how many apps we're using. That's why the Mophie Juice Pack Helium case is on our wish list. Anyone from your mother to your teenage cousin will benefit from the restorative powers of a Mophie case. One pack holds a full iPhone charge to last you throughout the day and night.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller allows your hands to create and explore your digital world. The system tracks both hands, and all ten fingers, with pretty impressive precision. And with over 140 free apps to play with, the possibilities are endless. Just $79.99 too!

Craft Coffee Subscription

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 1.40.25 PM

We aggressively sip coffee here at Fueled. Although we haven't gotten onboard with all the subscription ecommerce services out there, we're definitely ready for a Craft Coffee shipment. This subscription service sends delicious coffee right to your door or office each month featuring new brews from around the globe.


Grand St. is a curated collection of independently made technology. We couldn't pick just one gadget from the site -- we want it all. Anything from this Egg Minder Tray, to this quadrocopter and multi-purpose sensor would make a great gift. Andrew Rauner, from Fueled's product team, bought all of his holiday gifts on last year. Thanks for the tip, Andy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.06.08 PM

Oh, Like Grand St., we couldn't pick just one thing from Fancy's list of amazing finds. The New York based webstore and mobile app curates an amazing feed that features clothing, accessories, home decor and gadgets. They really have a knack for finding the best and coolest stuff. CBM picked up this botanical bread load pan for her hippy mom, this lovebird pillowcase set for her brother and his girlfriend, and this sleek salad spinner for her dad who hates wet lettuce. Fancy is the place to find something for everyone.

What are you getting for friends and family for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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