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Best Habit Tracking App: Kick Off Your New Year’s Resolutions with Streaks

Streaks is a task manager app that lets you track up to twelve tasks and create streaks for every day you complete a task.

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We have a few more weeks until 2018 officially comes to an end and there’s no better time than now to start jotting down your new year's resolutions. You can finally sign up for a gym membership, curb your caffeine intake during work, or remember to drink more water throughout your day. But be careful; we have a tendency to become clouded with cynicism painfully shortly after we make these new commitments.

What’s the point if you’re going to fall back into your old ways a week after 2019 hits? What if there’s no incentive great enough to get you to the gym, lessen your caffeine addiction, or improve your water consumption? Will you be stuck in this repetitive cycle forever, unable to witness any self-improvement?

We’ve got you covered with our latest App of the Week, a task manager app with a small twist. There seems to be an infinite amount of productivity apps in the App Store, and choosing one can be incredibly tiresome. That’s why we did the work so that you could rest assured that this app is the one to help you form good habits.

Crunchy Bagel is a team of developers who “make tasty apps” like Streaks, Streaks Workout, and HealthFace. Streaks ranks at #17 in the top charts for Health and Fitness and is a winner of an Apple Design Award for its sleek, modern appearance. We can see why: it’s highly customizable with 45 color themes and 500 task icons to decorate your list, easily making Streaks an aesthetically pleasing experience. But Streaks isn’t just a pretty face—once you feel its impact in your daily schedule, you won’t want just any regular to-do list app.

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Streaks is a task manager app that lets you track up to twelve tasks and create streaks for every day you complete a task. It automatically syncs to the iOS Health app so you can also stay updated on your fitness goals, no matter how minimal or ambitious they may be. If you forget to do a task, your streak will disappear and you’ll have to start over from square one.

Streaks is the accountability partner you never knew you needed. It uses a streak system (like Snapchat) to immerse you in a healthy routine, making it feel less like an impossible responsibility. Now you can download this app and start streaking (by using the app, not running around in your birthday suit— but you’re welcome to do that if it’s a goal of yours!) confidently into the new year!

But enough about other people's apps.

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