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Get Fit, Wake Up, & Relax with Wakeout!

  Both my wife and I have been working on keeping fit by using our Apple Watches. We do Apple Fitness+ workouts a few times…

wakeout appBoth my wife and I have been working on keeping fit by using our Apple Watches. We do Apple Fitness+ workouts a few times a week and if we don’t do those, we just hopping on our cycling bike. Sometimes, or rather frequently... this is tough to accomplish. I just don’t have the time. That was before I stumbled upon Wakeout! — yes, the exclamation point is part of the app name!

Wakeout is a neat app with more than 1,500 unique exercises that can be done around your home or office throughout the day. They are short, mini exercises that you can complete in between meetings, calls, or when you take a quick break. No need to set aside 30-60 minutes in a single block every time. Literally just one minute at a time.

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What I love is that these exercises use stuff that is around your house, that everyone has. Thank chair squats, pillow lifts, notebook punches — you get the idea. I don’t need to pull out the weights or any exercise equipment. It’s refreshing to fit in several workouts throughout the day that keep me energized and focused.

The well-designed app breaks all available exercises down for you to help find the ones that are right for you. A couple of niche solutions are those that help you wake in the morning and help you feel rejuvenated as well as those that help me sleep better and relax. When looking for relaxing aids, consider reading this post about the 6 Reasons Cotton Is A Good Material To Help You Relax.

With iOS 14, Wakeout has a new Home Screen widget that allows you to start your minute- long workout with a single tap. If you are without your phone or it’s simply on the charger, the Apple Watch app can guide you through an easy 30-second workout phone-free.

There’s a reason Wakeout was named the best app of the year in 2020 by Apple and a reason thousands of people use Wakeout every day. The workouts are fun, original, and help you feel better. All with minimal effort on your part. The app is well-designed that keeps that light, fun feeling all the way through. Just... don’t be too self-conscious as you try endurance exercises with a stapler.

But enough about other people's apps.


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