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Actually Achieve Your Goals with Thrive: A Goal Tracking App

Thrive is a goal tracking app that was created with the intention of helping you grow and get your life together. Thrive turns your goals…

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We all are guilty of downloading a productivity app with every intention of finally getting our lives together. We set goals and reminders, only for them to fall on the back burner shortly after. What we all need is a personal coach who understands our busy schedules and keeps us motivated. This week’s App of the Week, Thrive, can be that for you and turn those goals into actual accomplishments. 

Founder Christian Moisei tried countless apps and techniques to improve his productivity for years, but none of them seemed to keep him motivated. Using a spreadsheet to set goals and make big decisions about his career path, the light bulb finally went off. Moisei decided to take matters into his own hands and create an app that served as mission control to achieve his dreams. Wanting to name the app, “The Get-Your-Sh*t-Together App,” Moisei decided on a more appropriate name and launched Thrive in August 2019.

Thrive was created with the intention of helping you grow and actually get your life together. Taking productivity techniques and building features that go beyond the average productivity app, Thrive has three main features: goals, ideas, and decisions. The goals section is the app’s most popular features as it offers a way to define big and long-term goals. First, set the overall goal, like finding a new job. Then, the app gives you at least two minutes to reflect and record the steps to achieve that goal, like updating a resume, updating LinkedIn, etc. The last step is estimating when you want to achieve this goal, whether it’s a week or 2 months or more. Once a goal is set, Thrive provides a focus timer to beat procrastination so your goal gets the attention it deserves.

Ideas is the second feature of Thrive. The ideas section is a place where users can jot down any thoughts they have. This allows for quick thought bursts that can slowly develop into goals. The third feature is decisions, which allows you to make big decisions with clarity and focus. This section allows users to compare and visualize different life decisions and the implications of each option. With these three features, Thrive serves as a central location to increase productivity in your life.

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Though Thrive is not free, the one-time purchase ($2.99) is totally worth it, especially when other productivity apps require a monthly subscription. Thrive was featured as the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day of launch and has nearly 600 upvotes. With over 2,600 users since launch, Thrive has been featured in the App Store under “Apps We Love Right Now” and “Try Something New” in the Productivity tab.

Start actually getting sh*t done and download Thrive.

But enough about other people's apps.


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