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Goodsie: Selling Online Made Simple

For years, selling items online has been reserved either for companies with significant resources or particularly tech-savvy businesses. Small startups or home businesses have had trouble transitioning their shop online unless they really knew what they were doing on the Internet. Goodsie is changing that. This startup website, based in New York City, makes selling online easy. Instead of having to work with coding and technical language, Goodsie takes users through an easy process of steps that lets them customize their website in countless ways and sets up the site for simple commerce. Users can change attributes like layout, color, background, and fonts, and Goodsie then makes payment easy for both users and owners. Founded by Jonathan Marcus, the site has raised $1 million in funding and was recently named one of the top 10 NYC startups to watch by Time Inc. Goodsie is relatively cheap to use at only $15/month, and there’s no transaction fee once people are signed up.


Setting up a website has been fairly easy for people that aren’t Internet-inclined for a long time. With domain registration sites like GoDaddy and Dreamhost, acquiring the name of a site has been simple. With Wordpress, designing a website doesn’t require a degree in computer programming. But being able to actually make money online has been a different story. For people that aren’t naturally tech-savvy, Goodsie is doing a great service. The step between having a working website and actually making money off of it is a big one for any startup company, and having Goodsie there as a companion is a big help.

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