Over the weekend, Google Realtime Search lost the ability to integrate its results with instant twitter updates. Twitter and Google separated from each other on Sunday, meaning that people will no longer be able to read instant twitter updates about what they’re searching for, as Alexia Tsotsis reported on Monday. With the upcoming widespread launch of Google+, any friction between Twitter and Google, which would be aiming to grab a chunk of the market that Twitter now owns, comes as a news event. Whether or not Google will ever get the live twitter feed back is a real concern.

Is this the first separation of many?

One of the aspects of the much-anticipated Google+ will be its instant feedback, which could rival twitter as a source for fast communication. This could be an initial sign that the two companies are no longer willing to help each other as they become rivals. A representative from Google was quoted saying that the feed was pulled in order to make room for future Google+ results, while Twitter didn’t recognize this.

Which company stands to lose more from this?

Google has created a reputation for itself of being the place to go for the most current and updated information on the Internet. Without Twitter, its reputation for that speed may be dented. On the Twitter side, while its growth has been astounding, it still doesn’t have close to the brand recognition that Google does. That being said, it remains an increasingly powerful force. Not having a presence on Google will hurt it, but its name is strong enough that it shouldn’t be a major issue. Google is the one that has the stronger reputation to keep up, and this seems like an issue that should resolve itself.


These two brands coexist so well that there’s no real reason that they shouldn’t be coexisting in peace. Google may have more to lose from the separation, but both companies provide different enough services that they should still be able to get along. If not, this could be the start of an increasingly bitter rivalry between the two Internet heavyweights.

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